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I love me some Seafood Fettuccine! And I guess when it comes to music, I’m the same…give me a good mix…portions of Led Zeppelin to U2, and stir in a big assortment of others (even outside of rock). You’ll find me at the gym, on a mountain bike, or hiking…when I get time away from work, which includes driving limousines part time. Biggest “stars” I’ve driven….Keith Richards and Ron Woods, and country artist Reba McEntire (all during my years in Portland OR).

Ron O and Rock Girls

Like a scene out of Close Encounters!

They look quite ominous, and if you’ve ever been near one, they can seem pretty scary…but they actually they pack more “bark than bite”. Well at least the cloud formation itself…called a “shelf cloud”. But you can bet when something like this forms, there’s almost always some power thunderstorms in the mix. This video of a giant shelf cloud was shot in Clovis New Mexico. ~ Ron O’


Ron O' pool

Definitely an ADD for the collection…

Other than going to live concerts, I do enjoy my collection of concert DVDs and Blu-rays! Just watching this clip, I can tell the offering from Roger Water’s this fall will be a good one! Roger Waters “Us + Them” will be out October 2 of this year on DVD, Blu-ray, double CD and TRIPLE Vinyl editions. While I have been collecting vinyl, there are just certain artists where you’ve got to have the visual, and that’s the case with this one! The concert movie is from Water’s sold out tour of 2017-18… a total of 156 shows to 2.3 million people around the world. It will feature classics from The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals [and] Wish You Were Here, as well as his most recent album, Is This The Life We Really Want? This clip from the upcoming release is less than 7 minutes, but the full DVD/Blu-ray features 23 tracks plus bonus footage. ~ Ron O’


Where’s Waldo?

Remember the kid who played Waldo in Van Halen’s video of “Hot for Teacher” (yah, I figured so). Well, he’s back…and made his own creation of the 1984 Classic, with a little name change up…”Hot For Waldo”. Pretty funny…but yes, I’m guessing you’re with me in saying that we will NEVER forget the babe in the original…how could you!! ~ Ron


A strange combination for sure…

No, we don’t play Rage Against The Machine, and HELL no we aren’t playing any Bee Gee’s! But, I’m a fan of great “mash-ups”…and this is one of em! ~ Ron O’


Stay calm, stay calm…

Check out this video from Northern Italy…as a family was hiking in the mountains, and a “curious” brown bear is stalking the families 12 year old boy! He stayed calm…and while the language is Italian, I can image some of what was being said! Fortunately the boy (and parents) stayed calm…but I’m wondering if that bag he’s holding contained some kind of food!? If that was the case, I’d had flung it, and let “Yogi” have my treats! ~ Ron 

Ron O'

Fight Challenge!

It’s called “Boss Bitch Challenge”, and features a bunch of famous women…beating the crap out of each other! OK, not for real…but this was put together VERY well. Worth a few minutes of your “quarantine” time for sure! Check out the likes of Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Daryl Hannah, Rosario Dawson, Cameron Diaz, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Florence Pugh, Margot Robbie and others, goin’ at it!  ~ Ron O’


Now this is how you cover Ac/Dc!

Like many other artists or groups, Sammy Hagar and The Circle have been doing a series of “lockdown” jam sessions via youtube etc.recently…and this one is yet another great one! Sammy of course on lead, the amazing guitarist Vic Johnson, Michael Anthony on Bass, and Jason Bonham (son of the legendary John Bonham) on drums. Enjoy this great rock cover! ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

I’ve been in a real FUNK!

OK, the title of this blog post is weak I know…my attempt at being sneaky, but I’m sure most of you knew exactly what I was teasing!  Yep, I’m stuck, in a GRAND FUNK lately! Of all the 60+ albums I’ve collected over the past 15 months or so (and I have some great ones), lately I’m just nearly stuck on listening to Grand Funk Railroad!! I know I’m not the only one who feels like they are one of THE top underrated classic rock groups of the 70’s…and deserve to be in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame! OH, and then there’s drummer Don Brewer’s awesome afro…looks like I did back in the 70’s!! So, here are just a few video’s from back in the day, of some of my favorite Grand Funk Railroad tunes done live. ENJOY and rock on my friends! ~ Ron O’

Inside Looking Out

Foot Stompin' Music


I'm Your Captain (Shea Stadium)


How about some GOOD news,

Former star of the TV series “The Office” John Krasinski, who portrayed Jim Halpert, has started a “Good News” channel on YouTube, and along with a number of good news stories, in this episode he has a video reunion with Steve Carrell, and some very cool moments talking about their times together on the show. The Office, definitely one of my all time favorite TV series, and perhaps the same with you…and now’s a good time for some good news, and perhaps some binge watching of The Office episodes!  ~ Ron O’

Ron O and Rock Girls

My girlfriend asked how big it was…

No…not THAT! We’re talking about a building here people! I have a number of friends (and perhaps your the same) who never venture out into Nampa, and the other day the subject about growth in the valley came up…I was surprised at how many people hadn’t even driven by the mammoth Amazon fulfillment center going up in Nampa. It looks big from the freeway, but you really experience just how huge it is when you drive by on Franklin Rd. I did a video this past weekend, but it just didn’t capture what I wanted…so, thanks to a recent Idaho Statesman article including some stats, and a great drone view, here ya go. ~ Ron 


Stuck at home during this whole craziness…

OK, so…I’m easily entertained, laugh if you must. Having grandkids myself I found this to be both funny, and could be a little entertaining. Perhaps you could even change this scenario up some…but please, do not go out in traffic and actually play the live version of Frogger! ~ Ron 


Now THAT was my kind of a “symphony”!

When I first heard about The Black Jacket Symphony doing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon”, I thought uuhhh, I’m not much into “symphony” stuff…and would there be any vocals? I mean Pink Floyd’s music is of course amazing, but without the lyrical content, that just wouldn’t work! WELL was I (and I’m sure many others) totally BLOWN AWAY last night at the Egyptian Theatre! It wasn’t anything like what most consider a symphony, but rather just 7 incredible musicians who performed “Dark Side of The Moon” note to note, beginning to end, and SPOT ON! And if that wasn’t enough to amaze, after intermission, they finished the night with a collection of other Pink Floyd standards, the likes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here, Another Brick In the Wall Part II, Have a Cigar…and the two video’s below (partial), Comfortably Numb, and Run Like Hell. The group of hand-picked musicians changes based upon the album being performed—and no sonic detail is overlooked, with the musicians doing whatever it takes to reproduce the album. I’ve already pre-purchased tickets for their return in November when they’ll perform Led Zeppelin IV (and other’s to fill out the show), and can’t wait! Last night was purely a full night of rock and roll magic! ~ Ron 

Ron O and Rock Girls

Pretty crazy video of UFO…

So the guy narrating this actual video taken from the International Space Station seems thoroughly convinced that the object seen in the video is truly a UFO…as opposed to some kind of “secret” military aircraft. Here’s my two cents worth:  The astronauts NEVER mention this thing…basically ignoring it’s there, so could that mean it was some top secret craft? But if that were the case wouldn’t they make sure the camera moved away from the viewing (the actual video of the “UFO” lasts a whopping 22 minutes!). And, the camera’s on the space station are capable of zooming in like mad…but no full zoom on this object. Again, is that just because they knew it was some military aircraft…but then again, why did the camera stay on it. My conclusion…indeed a military jet of some sort…granted, it could be something new, of a secret nature to some degree…but I don’t buy the UFO thought on this one anyway. Judge for yourself with the full video below. ~ Ron O’


It’s almost that time of year!

Record Store Day for 2020 is April 18th, a day when some amazing music gets put out there, and not just on vinyl. As is the case every year, there is some AMAZING stuff to choose from, and in a future blog I’ll probably go into more selections…but for now, this ONE is going to be priority for me to try and score! It’s a double LIVE album, previously unissued, from David Bowie’s “I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74′). It will be available as both 2 LP’s or 2 CDs, and features segments from a pair of concerts during that tour. The majority of material is from a October 20, 1974 concert at Detroit’s Michigan Palace, and three tracks from a Nashville concert just over a month later. There is another great release on record store day as well for Bowie fans…CHANGESNOWBOWIE, a limited edition nine track LP/CD of previously unreleased studio material. Here’s a few live video’s…one from Ziggy Stardust and the other from 85′ at Live Aid, enjoy! ~ Ron O’


Ron O and Rock Girls

When rock stars grow old…

Well, at least this happened at a small club show rather than in front of thousands. I doubt fans were to upset actually, just being able to be in a small low-key club in London to see legends like Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend (and Simon, Pete’s son). The guys, along with an acoustic band performed two-eight song sets, including a few of the new tunes from their latest album “Who”. And it was during “Break The News” that Daltrey totally screwed up the lyrics…even with lyrics in hand! Watch the video…I find it pretty funny. Parental advisory here, plenty of F bombs…  ~ Ron O’





Ron O'

He is BACK!

Joey Kramer made his return to Aerosmith just last night (Feb 10th) at their residency stay in Vegas! Joey hadn’t played with the band recently, and he even took the band to court in an effort to play with the guys during their recent performance at The Grammy’s (to no avail). It would appear that Joey is feeling just fine…injury issues from as far back as Spring of 2019 resolved! Here’s Joey slammin’ away during “Let The Music Do The Talking” For more of my blogs, click on my name. ~ Ron O’

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A real classic Southpark moment…

Some of you know the background/story on this one…and I SO wish I had gone to see the guys on the “Snakes and Arrows” tour! This was the intro for Tom Sawyer on that tour…produced especially for Rush, never seen on a Southpark episode! And yes, I know many people have seen it before, but to me, it’s WELL worth watching again…and again. Enjoy…with the full song. Without a doubt one of THE greatest rock bands in history, in my humble opinion…yah, some people say, I’m easily “entertained”, and so be it! ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

Ohhh baby, I am a droolin’ !

Here’s good reason you don’t just roll up to some farm when you find what “appears” to be an awesome find of a vehicle, and lay out cash…unless you REALLY know your stuff! But, nonetheless…if you have the $$ for this kind of thing, wow! For me, just trying to finance my album collection is tough enough…ha! Click on my name for more interesting blogs!  ~ Ron O’ 

Ron O'

I scored at Walmart!

Check out what I scored at a recent visit to Wally-World (as I and others refer to it)! I had never even thought about looking for albums at Walmart, but decided to browse through the electronics department, and was pleasantly surprised to find a pretty decent selection of new vinyl! And a number of “Walmart Exclusive” colored vinyl! I could have snagged at least two others, but kept my spending reigned in. So my latest collection additions are the self titled Fleetwood Mac on white vinyl, Rumours on clear vinyl, and the Steve Miller Band Greatest Hits on blue vinyl! ~ Ron




Well, football season is just about done, with the college National Championship just ahead, and the NFL playoffs getting started. If you’re a big football fan, the depression will set in soon, lol. Here is a compilation of the greatest trick plays in the NFL for the past decade. They say the professional players aren’t as suspect to falling for trick plays, but I still wish we’d see more like these! ~ Ron O’



He started playing after seeing an AC/DC concert

Say hello to Australian guitar prodigy Taj Farrant, a mere 10 years old! He’s only been playing for about 3 years, but you’d never know it…amazing! He started playing after he attended an AC/DC concert, and obviously he caught on really quick. Check out this video of Taj playing a number of rock tunes…wow! ~ Ron O’



One of the funniest scene’s in “Christmas Vacation” is when the squirrel comes flying out of the Christmas tree. Well, it wasn’t a squirrel that shocked a family in Georgia recently, but they sure were surprised to find a REAL LIVE OWL lurking in their tree!! Apparently the owl had just been hanging out inside the tree…for close to a week after they’d brought the tree home…before anyone managed to see it! What a HOOT! (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!) ~ Ron O’



Happy Birthday Keith!

Born December 18, 1943 in England, Keith Richards is now 76 years…young, so it would seem. After smoking, drinking and living the life of a rock star for many years, he still shows no signs of slowing down. One of my favorite Rolling Stones songs is “Gimme Shelter”, and I came across this video…”A GREAT NIGHT IN HARLEM” Live at the Apollo Theater, October 22, 2015. It was a night honoring Merry Clayton, the amazing vocalist who was the original background singer in Gimme Shelter. Mary was in a terrible car crash in 2014, and lost both of her legs, so she watched this tribute from her home. But the vocalists in this rendition of Gimme Shelter sure did her justice. And of course, there’s the amazing guitar work of Keith Richards himself! Happy Birthday Keith, and ROCK ON! ~ Ron O’


I just can’t help it!

Over the past few years, nearly every year I say I’m going to do “less” decorating when it comes to Christmas…inside and out. As a matter of fact, I believe late this fall I said I wasn’t going to decorate at ALL! Well, as you can see from this video of my home…I can’t help myself. But I’ll blame it one the great weather we had right during the time when I was doing it up. Have a very Merry Christmas from “The O’Brian Ranch”! ~ Ron O’


30 years ago this month

I have come across VERY few people who’ve never seen “Christmas Vacation”, which surprises me…but then again, I get into Christmas! It was December of 89′ when this hilarious movie came out, and in explaining to a friend (who’d never seen it!) recently…having watched it at least twice each holiday season, that would make close to 60 times I’ve seen it, and for me it never gets old. Here are two of my favorite scenes. Happy Holidays!  ~ Ron O’


They are BACK!

I missed out on “The End” tour…I won’t miss out on their return! ~ Ron


A little taste of this coming Thursday…

I can’t wait to see this Thursday’s Trans-Siberian Orchestra show! This isn’t the greatest shot video, but it is from a show just last week, so you get a little taste of what the current show is like…and the line up of the beautiful and VERY talented ladies of TSO. This just happens to be my all-time favorite song from TSO as well. The lead female vocalist is the amazing Chloe Lowery…who’s been performing since the age of 12, and has been with TSO since 2010. ‘ve always loved her vocals, even outside of TSO, and she just recently released her first solo album “The In Between”. Yes, there’s much more than just Chloe and the ladies that makes TSO so incredible…but yah, I have a “thing” about Chloe, I’m sure you can see and hear why! Hopefully you’re making it to the show! ~ Ron

Ron O'

They weren’t even legally divorced…

Paulina Porizkova had been married to The Cars Ric Ocasek since 1989…and when Ocasek passed away in September, they were not only living together, but WERE NOT legally divorced yet! For the 3 months prior to Ocasek’s death (Sept 15), they were “separated”, but were still LIVING TOGETHER. So you figure there must have still been some kind of “connection” between the two (aside from the fact they had two sons together while married), but here’s a shocker…Ric Ocasek left Porizkova NOTHING…his will stated that she should not receive ANY of his belongings or money!! What a way to say “Bye Bye Love”…according to documents the will stated the model had “abandoned” him amid their divorce proceedings. But Porizkova was still living with Ocasek, and she’s the one who discovered his body the morning he died. The story I read doesn’t say who DID get his money etc., but I would assume it went to his two sons…perhaps they give “mom” at least a little something. ~ Ron 


This would have been even better

But it’s an instant classic…more so if you were listening to Kevin Harlan’s call on the radio. The TV crew should have ran with this and had some fun…but as it was they were pretty bland, and that’s why I’m giving you the RADIO version…along with the video. I’m sure many of you saw this on Monday Night Football. ~ Ron



While we wait for some kind of news…

I bring you “Problem Child”…in case you miss them at Bogus Fest earlier this year! These guys are absolutely AMAZING! They have BOTH a Bon Scott singer and a Brian Johnson, and the rest of the band looks so very much like the real deal…and talk about TALENTED! So while we wait…and wait on some kind of news on some new Ac/Dc music, or at least some word from the band…enjoy the next best thing, with “Problem Child”! ~ Ron


"SIN CITY" in Sin City by PROBLEM⚡️CHILDThis is dedicated to BONFEST 2020 (May 1-3, Kirriemuir, Scotland). PROBLEM⚡️CHILD is amped to be the 1st American band to rock BONFEST! 🤘AC⚡️DC historians report that BON SCOTT never sang “SIN CITY" in Sin City (Vegas) - so this has to be the closest we can get with the very talented - SPENCER KNIGHT! Crank this up to 11 on your best system and close your eyes and you will swear it is the legendary BON SCOTT reincarnated.If you like the video - share it with all your rockin’ friends!! #BONFEST2020Count's Vamp'd (Vegas) ~ August 24, 2019

Posted by Problem Child - AC/DC Tribute Band on Monday, October 14, 2019
Ron O'

When you win a bet,

Sorry Raider nation…a fellow co-worker is a BIG fan, so we had a little wager on the Packers vs Raiders game recently…yep, Packers win AGAIN baby! I can understand his frustration, since his team went 3-4, but to go to this much work to “doctor” up my winnings, he must have plenty of time on his hands, lol. ~ Ron 


A guy at the recent Tool concert in L.A.

So Tool played the Staple Center in Los Angeles the other night, and non other than EDDIE VAN HALEN, and his son Wolfgang were at the show. An Eager fan…asks Eddie to take this picture (the moment captured by Wolfgang) of the fan posing with the stage in the close background…and this guy (a Tool in his own right if you ask me) has NO CLUE that it’s Eddie Van Halen taking his picture!  Guess I shouldn’t be so rough on the guy…I’m sure there are PLENTY of millenials etc. who wouldn’t have a clue…but us old farts find this pretty damn funny! ~ Ron 



Ron O'

Just who is this knockout?

I myself never saw Grown Ups 2…but was poking around online recently, and ran across this clip. Her look has changed a little bit in the 5 years since she appeared as the “dance teacher”, but she’s still as stunning as ever. Who is this beautiful lady…well, she’s tied in with 96.9 The Eagle…and you hear her every weeknight with Steve Gorman. Here’s a view of her “acting” …April Rose, and you’re welcome. ~ Ron 



What I’m listening to (on vinyl of course!)

Heading into the weekend, I finally found the time to roll some vinyl I’d recently bought, but hadn’t even popped open!  Started off the afternoon with Queen’s “Night At The Opera” (180g), then Neil Young “Harvest” (180g), Van Halen “Diver Down” (original Lp, had never been opened!), and then Kiss Alive II, on 180g vinyl, first pressings since the original…this came complete with the Kiss tattoos that came with the original Lp! Out of them all today, have to say I’m enjoying the Kiss Alive II the most, I forgot just how great that double album was, when the guys (original!) guys where at their best! Click on each pic for the larger version. Have a great weekend…and rock on!  ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

The Rolling Stones texting me…

I typically don’t leave my ringer on, just in case there’s some crazy wrong number call or text in the middle of the night, but recently I have left it on, and all has been good. Until the other night, when I get a text at just after 3 a.m., and it’s from The Rolling Stones!  Well, sort of…the text notification that my latest vinyl collection piece(s) are on the way! I appreciate the text…but NOT at 3:10 in the morning! Turns out it’s shipped from Ottawa Canada, where it was 5:10…hell, that’s still to early for text notifications. But I am looking forward to the new 4-piece colored limited edition of HONK on vinyl from the Rolling Stones! ~ Ron O’



Long before Gallagher or Carrot Top…

He was really the original flamboyant, zany, and funny man…yes, long before Carrot Top or Gallagher (who’s humor was much the same as Taylor’s) came along. Rip Taylor was rarely seen in public or on TV without his signature wig. The clip below is the very first time he ever took off his wig on TV, during an episode of “Password”.  Rip Taylor passed away Sunday at the age of 84…R.I.P. Rip. ~ Ron O’


What David Lee Roth says about Van Halen’s future,

It’s not really anything new…the days of Van Halen as a band, or anything close to the original is no longer. David Lee Roth recently echoed that in an interview, stating “I think Van Halen’s finished, and this is the next phase,” (talking about his upcoming deal in Vegas). Van Halen last toured in 2015…minus Michael Anthony, and for me the entire tour was a sign of the bands demise. Not just because of the line-up, but the overall performances and sound of Roth’s singing…for me anyway, it was disappointing. Roth will be doing his “residency shows in January and March in Vegas, and I have NO desire to go. I’d rather remember the band from the “good ole’ days”, and that includes the Sammy Hagar era, when I got to see and meet the group twice. So, here’s to the GREAT early days of the band with a live video of a show at the Oakland Coliseum in June of 1981 (David Lee Roth era), one from the 5150 tour (Sammy Hagar), and then the opening show for that final tour…in Auburn Washington on July 5, 2015…ugh. ~ Ron O’


Oh man…this global warming!

Here in the Treasure Valley, we only felt the effects of this weekends storm that hit the west in a small way…although there were some flakes up at Bogus Basin a little, and some of the high mountain area’s of Idaho got some “earlier than normal” snow. But record setting snow hit Montana…and I’m talking about records for THIS time of year…the snow hitting BIG before the calendar even hit October!! This kind of snow would be the norm if it were say November, but even for Montana, this was just CRAZY! So, let’s just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for this winter…don’t get me wrong, I love winter, but if we get another one like the 2016/17 “snowmageddon”…ugh, that was brutal! ~ Ron 


Unless you’re a hooker or gigolo…

Over the years, some of you may have caught me mentioning that I’ve done some part time driving for a local limo company (Boise Limousine Service)…8+ years to be exact. But that time is coming to a close, as I have just a 2 more weekends where I’ve offered to “help out” with homecoming season. Tips can be REALLY good…and yes, on occasion, not so great, BUT the times when they’re good FAR outweigh the times when you might not get what you quite expected. Tonight (Sat) was a great example of a VERY good night…a simple 16th B-day party for a girl, and her group of friends…a great cool bunch of kids! A simple pick up after their dinner downtown, drive around and pick up one more friend on the way home…a total of 2 HOURS of driving the gorgeous 20 passenger H2 Hummer. Yes, this is the pic of my “gratuity” for 2 hours tonight…nights like this makes it hard to no longer drive, but the time has come for me to invest my time into other endeavours. And by the way, Boise Limousine Service IS hiring…touch base with me via Facebook if you have questions. ~ Ron O’


I’m betting VERY few people did this!

Well, besides his successful musical achievements, Eddie Money, who passed away on September 13, had the honor of seeing the first AND last American shows by Led Zeppelin! The band first did a show at what was known as the Fillmore West (aka Carousel Ballroom) on Jan 9, 1969, and Eddie Money was there. In an interview with Ultimate Classic Rock in 2012, Money recalled “there couldn’t have been more than 400 people in there”, and remembered the moment when Jimmy Page played his guitar with a violin bow. In July of 1977 Money was present when Led Zeppelin performed at that year’s Day on the Green festival in Oakland, CA, delivering what turned out to be their last American show to an audience of around 30,000. Below is a video from a performance Led Zeppelin did on a TV show in March of 1969, very close in time to that first show at the Fillmore…there is no video of that first show, but with this clip from the TV show, you get the VERY early Led Zeppelin live performance of “Dazed and Confused”. ~ Ron 





Sales of vinyl continues to increase…

I dug out my mid 1980’s Kenwood turntable earlier this year and started buying vinyl albums once again…after selling off a BIG collection back around 2008 or so, when the economy was tanking (a move that I do regret!). My collection now stands at a mere 47 vinyl albums, and in some cases I’ve bought the original album as well as the new 180 gram version. Only 47 albums in 9 months time…hey, this gets a big spendy (as perhaps you know)! I’ll admit, I love the “original” sound, but the new 180 gram stuff is really nice…and much more spendy. I don’t buy any originals that aren’t at least “near mint”, at least for the actual vinyl…but depending on the album, it’s about half the cost of a 180 gram version. And sales of vinyl records continues to grow, while CD sales are in a nosedive. The latest report from the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), shows vinyl revenue grew by 12.8% in the second half of 2018 and 12.9% in the first six months of 2019, while the revenue from CDs barely budged. If these trends hold, records will soon be generating more money than compact discs. And I’m not surprised at all by this..the vinyl resurgence has been great for some artists, especially classic rock groups! The Beatles sold over 300,000 records in 2018, while Pink Floyd, David Bowie, Fleetwood Mac, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, and Queen all sold over 100,000. No, the numbers aren’t NEARLY what they were in the hay-day of vinyl singles and or albums, but it sure is nice to see vinyl making the comeback! And no, it’s nowhere near the numbers when it comes to digital downloads and streaming…but as long as they keep pressing, I’ll keep buying! Here are pictures of my most recent “finds”, and two (one not pictured) were simply given to me by a good friend (thank you again Dave Arthur!), Van Halen “Diver Down” and Huey Lewis “Sports”, BOTH brand new, never even opened! And the Heart Lps…I kinda when crazy after returning from the recent concert, and bought three. And then I felt a little guilty about my favorite band U2, so I snagged the “How to Dismantle An Atomic Bomb” Lp on red vinyl! Click on each thumbnail for a bigger version.  ~ Ron