The latest vinyl addition, and ouch!

Vinyl sales in 2020 surged almost 30 percent over 2019…and for the first time since the 80’s now outsell CDs! My latest addition is a single Lp, the most I’ve spent on just one album so far…and this won’t be happening often! The new pressings (180 gram) will typically set you back somewhere around $25 for a single Lp…BUT, if you want (and can find them) an ORIGINAL pressing, and something in very good condition, you will spend a considerable amount more! Such is the case with my latest, Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood”, the original from Elektra in 1989, in what’s considered “near mint, or near mint -“…about 6 for sale in the world, via the Discogs site. With shipping this set me back $97 with shipping, and came from Germany. You can find some in lesser condition, but I like to stick with either the originals in Mint or Near Mint…or just go with the new 180 gram pressings, and many albums aren’t even available in the new pressings. At one point I had close to at least 100 albums, many of which were specialty copies from radio…and I sold that entire collection during the big recession, and that was one of those “ugh” moments, similar to when you look back on that classic car you once had, and sold. The new collection is slowly growing, but unless I hit a windfall of some sorts, it won’t be made up much of these spendy originals. ~ Ron