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Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, motorcycles, downhill skiing, fly fishing (poorly), dogs, and sushi.  That’s about it.  I get yelled at at least once a month to remove something from Twitter by my boss and I’m a huge soccer fan, even trying out for an MLS team one time.  I’ve never seen The Godfather.


Albert Bouchard from Blue Öyster Cult

Albert Bouchard is a founding member and former drummer from Blue Öyster Cult with the new abum “Re Imaginos” out now. He talks about how the new album is an old album, working with Robbier Krieger from The Doors, the story behind the infamous cowbell on “Don’t Fear The Reaper”, if he talks to the current members of Blue Öyster Cult and if he cares that they are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. www.albertbouchard.netForrest

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Utah animal overpass

Utah installed an animal overpass near Salt Lake City that is 350′ long and 50′ wide that allows animals to cross overtop the highway.  It cost $5 million but I think it’s worth every penny and I wish the we had more of these. – Forrest


Alice in Chains singer covers Soundgarden

I’ll admit, it’s weird watching a video that they’re passing off as a cover when clearly they are just miming it like a true music video.  I mean, the Mastodon guy’s guitar isn’t even plugged in, it’s like all those videos of guitarists and drummers covering a song when you heard other instruments on the track so clearly it’s pre-recorded and produced.

That aside, I love seeing famous musicians cover other bands. – Forrest


Suck it Trebek!

Both in the same week, how is that even possible.  This has to be one of the best SNL skits of all time. I love how Potent Potables is always a category – Forrest



This is done by Alex Winter, as in Bill S. Preston Esquire from Bill & Ted. – Forrest


Fresh pots!!

Here’s the originial video when Grohl had a side project with John Paul Jones from Led Zeppelin and the frontman from Queens of The Stone Age.

Check in with Dave 10 years later – Forrest


Killer Van Halen Cover

This is cool.

Lead Guitar – Satchel (Steel Panther)
Rhythm Guitar – Dee Dammers (U.D.O. & Dirkschneider)
Bass – Michael ´Mülli´ Müller (Jaded Heart)
Drums – André Hilgers (Bonfire)
Vocals – Matt Jones (ex- The Treatment)
Backing Vocals – Patrick Sühl (Victor Smolski´s Almanac)
Backing Vocals – Sven Dirkschneider (U.D.O. & Dirkschneider)



Al Pitrelli

Al Pitrelli is one of the original members and lead guitarist for the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. He also has worked with Alice Cooper, Asia, Megadeth and Savatage. This year the Trans-Siberian Orchestra will stream a live concert on Friday, December 18th. Al talks about the show, how quarantine has effected him, the 1st time he heard Van Halen and what he things about being ranked the 5th best Megadeth guitarist by Dave Mustaine. trans-siberian.comForrest




Not sure about this one, 1 I’m not a huge Mark Maron fan and also Bowie’s son was against the film.  Plus, this guy looks and sounds nothing like David Bowie from the trailer.

This is the Bowie I want to see – Forrest


Unrelased Tom Petty Song

Tom Petty had turned in 25 songs for the “Wildflowers” album but the record label had him whittle it down to 1 album.  Those extra songs are coming out October 16th with the “Wildflowers & All The Rest” – 15 songs from Wildflowers & 10 songs that were left off the original release. – Forrest


New AC/DC video

New album PWR/UP is out November 13th. I love how it sounds like classic AC/DC yet a little updated .  It sounds older and better than “Play Ball” from “Rock Or Bust” in 2014 so I’m really looking forward to the new release. Check out the powerbolt inlays on Angus’ SG – Forrest


Cindy Blackman Santana

Santana drummer Cindy Blackman Santana talking about her solo album, “Give The Drummer Some” featuring guest apperances from her husband Carlos Santana and Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. She also discusses her time playing with Lenny Kravitz, dealing with racism and sexism in rock music, and the Carlos Santana acid story from Woodstock right before he took the stage. – Forrest

Listen to “95. Cindy Blackman Santana (Santana/Lenny Kravitz)” on Spreaker.


Sonny Sandoval, lead singer of P.O.D.


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Here’s an interview with Sonny Sandoval, lead singer from P.O.D. talking about The Whosoverers where he tours the US talking about this faith while appearing at schools, skateparks and homeless shelters sharing his story. He also discusses when guitarist Marcos left the band and how he rejoined, some stories about his tattoos and working with Carlos Santana., payableondeath.comForrest

Listen to “92. Sonny Sandoval (P.O.D)” on Spreaker.


Behind the scenes of Jerry Cantrell’s birthday party

1st thing, what kind of dude gets invited to a rock stars birthday and then takes video and puts it on Youtube.  Total douche move.  If he knew Jerry Cantrell so well he wouldn’t get a picture with him.  Ugg.  This dude is throwing gang signs while singing to his phone.  It’s so cringeworthy I can hardly watch.  He also keeps checking out girls’ butts when they aren’t looking.  What a creepo.

Yet, he’s hanging at Jerry Cantrell’s house and I’m not so maybe I’m just jealous.  I think this dude is a real estate agent and claimed to be a 1 time manager for Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots) so maybe he sold Jerry his home.  He tells more of his story here.

I actually met Jerry once, he did a record siging at a local record store on the East Coast when his solo album “Degradation Trip” came out in 2002.  He was quiet, shook my hand & smelled like beer.  It was midnight.  I was kind of dissapointed then thought, “Who the f am I?  This guy probably did heroin with Kurt Cobain and I’m going to judge him for having a beer at midnight?  I got over it.

2nd thing is all the cameos including Eddie Van Halen’s guitar that was personally given to Jerry. (see around 38:00 in this video for the story)  I spotted Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Kato Kaelon, Mark Boone Junior (Sons of Anarchy), Jim Jefferies (comedian), Duff McKagan (Guns N’ Roses bassist), Glen Danzig, Rob Trujillo (Metallica bassist), Sean Kinney (Alice in Chains drummer), Lzzy Hale (Halestorm, I think it’s her but not 100% sure), Robbie Krieger (The Doors guitarist), and Gilby Clark (Guns N’ Roses guitarist).  Forrest


Rock Stars & Their Kids

I’ve always wondered if you grew up with famous musician parents would you end up playing music?  Looks like yes. – Forrest


Steve Gorman Video Chat

I recently hosted a video chat with Steve Gorman from The Black Crowes and April Rose with some 96.9 The Eagle listeners. – Forrest


Duff McKagan

I’ve listened to Duff talk on a lot of different interviews and podcasts but this is the 1st time I’ve heard him tell this story and you can just hear him go back in his mind. – Forrest


Rick Rubin on Tom Petty

So cool to hear Rick Rubin talk about Tom Petty, even admitting he wasn’t a fan at first because he liked harder rock and punk. The interview takes place at the famous Sangri-La Studios (The Band, Bob Dylan, Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, Neil Young) in CA. Rick produced the “Wildflowers” album. – Forrest


New trailer for “The Batman”

You know what?  I’ve liked all the Batman, (Batmen?) some more than others but I enjoy parts of each including Lego Batman.  Sparkle Vampire as Batman?  I won’t judge until I see the movie. – Forrest


Slash, Robin Zander & Lzzy Hale

The Beatles and AC/DC.  It’s kind of awesome that as rock fans we can all be connected, everyone loves these songs, even Slash owns the same records as me and that kind of blows my mind. I want a music room like Lzzy’s – Forrest


Rik Emmett from Triumph

Rik Emmett is a singer, songwriter and guitar player from Triumph. Rik’s 11 solo albums are now available digitally along with a new solo release, “Folk Songs For The Farewell Bonfire”. Rik chats about working with the engineer from “Appetite For Destruction” by Guns N’ Roses and “Rust In Peace” by Megadeth, writing “Lay It On The Line”, his friendship with Alex Lifeson from Rush, and the documentary in the works. –  Forrest

Listen to “86. Rik Emmett (Triumph)” on Spreaker.


Gibson Icons

It’s like a Podcast without a host.  Tony Iommi from Black Sabbath telling his story. – Forrest


My new favorite web series

I’d seen something similar to this with Pink Floyd, Queen and Nirvana albums before but I stumbled onto this one and I’ve never heard Blue Oyster Cult like this before.

I never knew Louise Post from Veruca Salt was on Everlong (16:31) – Forrest