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Dee Pod

Dee Snider interview

Dee Snider (Twisted Sister) on the influence of Lesley West from Mountain, cars he owns, seeing Queen in the beginning, if he’s still a pastor and how he dealt with losing fame and getting it back. “Legacy: A Tribute to Leslie West” is out now featuring Dee Snider, Slash, Robbie Krieger, Marty Friedman, George Lynch, Mike Portnoy, Yngwie Malmsteen and more. – Forrest


“Love Me Two Times” with Taylor Hawkins

I think he wanted to be a frontman. He did have his own bands Chevy Metal and Taylor Hawkins and the Coattail Riders (who had 3 albums). Grohl was able to stop being the Nirvana drummer and become a frontman & Taylor wanted to make that transition too. – Forrest


Nice Beaver!

We do this to animals, wouldn’t aliens do this to us? Imagine this technology but 5k years in the future. – Forrest


Primus fishing in Idhao

This is cool! Taking a rock star fishing in Idaho would be the best meet & greet. I had no idea he had fished in Idaho. – Forrest


Monster Jam Interview

Tristan England is the driver of the EarthShaker monster truck for Monster Jam. Tristan talks about life in Paris, Texas, building and maintaining a monster truck, winning the 2017 World Finals and the worst poopy diaper, ever. His father is the driver of the Big Kahuna monster truck. Monster Jam live this weekend at Expo Idaho. monsterjam.comForrest

Santana Pod

Carlos Santana Interview

Phone interview with Carlos Santana promoting his “Blessings and Miracles” album and tour. Carlos talks about who he asked to be on the album plus stories about Kirk Hammett, Bob Dylan, Peter Green, touring with family and more. santana.comForrest

Mark S

Mark Stein (Vanilla Fudge)

Mark Stein is the lead singer of Vanilla Fudge with his 1st solo album “There’s A Light” out now. Mark discusses how long he’s known The Doors, touring with Tommy Bolin and more. Forrest


RIP Mark Lanegan

I just read his book last week and now he has passed away, so tragic. I didn’t really get into The Screaming Trees or very much Queens of the Stones Age so I just didn’t know of him that well. I’m trying to read more books and watch less TV so I’m reading a book a month and I saw a lot of good things about “Sing Backwards And Weep” so I read it last week and wow, maybe my favorite book I’ve ever read.

He did the Lead Belly cover “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” long before Nirvana on Unplugged and had Kurt on his version. He said Nirvana invited him to play on Unplugged but he didn’t feel like he was good enough

He was great friends with Layne Stayle from Alice In Chains and was part of the supergroup Mad Season.

He submitted songs for and opened for Johnny Cash.

He cowrote this song wich was huge when I was working in Alternative Radio and featured Dave Grohl. He’s the guy in the green shirt in this video but isn’t shown playing with the band.

Somehow I’ve missed out on him and just started getting into his music last week. 1 week later, dead. He has another book about going into a coma with Covid and I had planned on reading it anyway but now I’ll probably get it sooner. – Forrest

David Dyer Web

Interview with comedian David Dyer

Comedian David Dyer is part of the “Friends Of The Bob & Tom Show Comedy Tour” coming to Boise, Idaho at the Egyptian Theatre this Saturday, February 12th. David explains how he became a fire fighter, how he 1st got on the Bob & Tom Show and Louie Anderson watching his set.

Greg Web

2022 RRHOF Inductees

Greg Harris is the President and CEO of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and he calls in to announce the nominees for 2022. Beck, Pat Benatar, Kate Bush, DEVO, Duran Duran, Eminem, Eurythmics, Judas Priest, Fela Kuti, MC5, New York Dolls, Dolly Parton, Rage Against The Machine, Lionel Richie, Carly Simon, A Tribe Called Quest and Dionne Warwick. Greg talks about what memorabilia is at the Rock Hall and how they get it, thoughts on Neil Young leaving Spotify and his own connection to history. rockhall.comForrest

David Web

David Coverdale Interview

David Coverdale on the reissue of the 1997 Whitesnake album “Restless Heart” which has been remixed and remastered. He also talks about unreleased tracks with Jimmy Page from the Coverdale/Page era, what the tryout for Deep Purple was like and what him and Dave Grohl text about. On Twitter @davidcoverdale


Queen + Elton John + Axl Rose

April 20th, 1992. The Freddie Mercury Tribute Concert for AIDS Awareness was watched by the 72,000 at Wembley Stadium and broadcast live on TV and Radio to 76. When Axl comes out the crowd goes nuts! Seeing Metallica backstage with Tony Iommi & Vivian Campell is pretty cool. They covered “Stone Cold Crazy” which was released as a B side to “Enter Sandman”, I had it on cassette. – Forrest


Curse of the Chippendales

Scott Garriola is a retired senior special agent at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and talks about the “Curse of the Chippendales” on Discovery+. In this four-part series the FBI deals with drugs, greed, paranoia, jealousy and murder within the male striptease business. Garriola was in the FBI for over 31 years and is the agent who arrested Whitey Bulger. – Forrest

Albert Web

Blue Öyster Cult interview

Founding Blue Öyster Cult member and drummer Albert Bouchard on the new album, “Imaginos 2 – Bombs Over Germany (minus zero and counting)” out now, the almost band he had with Alex Lifeson from Rush, what he thinks of Lars Ulrich playing his parts and if he’ll play or record with Blue Öyster Cult. albertbouchard.netForrest

Kansas Website

Kansas interview

Kansas guitar player Richard Williams on their new live album, “Point of Know Return: Live and Beyond”, going back on tour, their influence on rock bands and who is better at basketball, KU or K-State? kansasband.comForrest

Hoey Website

Gary Hoey interview

Guitarist Gary Hoey talking about auditioning for Ozzy Osbourne, the passing of Frankie Banali (Quiet Riot) and Eddie Van Halen. He also gets out his guitar and plays some riffs like “Born Under A Bad Sign”, “Lunatic Fringe” and more. The “Ho Ho Hoey Holiday Tour” is happening now. garyhoey.comForrest


MacGruber is back

Hate to be the guy that says SNL sucks, but SNL sucks. Pete Davidson? Gross. That’s the only name I still recognize but I admit I thought McGruber was hilarious.

I did pay money to watch the movie, it wasn’t “great” but I laughed and that’s all I was hoping for.

Now he’s back. Did I want more MacGruber? Not really. Will I still watch it? Yes. – Forrest

Billy Web

Yes/Asia bassist Billy Sherwood

Bassist from Yes, Billy Sherwood, on the new album, The Quest, out now. Billy talks about how the new album came together, the passing of Chris Squire (Yes) and the passing of John Wetton (Asia).  He shares stories about working with Ron “Bummblefoot” Thal from Guns N’ Roses and growing up with musical parents. yesworld.comForrest

Greg Web

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame President

On Saturday, October 30th, The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame held the induction ceremotny for the 2021 class. Inductees included The Foo Fighters, Jay Z, Randy Rhodes, LL Cool J, The Go-Go’s, Tina Turner and more. Greg really doesn’t answer my questions about Todd Rundgren slamming the RRHOF, who else was asked to fill in for a sick Bryan Adams or who he thinks should be inducted. The ceremony will air on HBO & stream on HBO Max on Saturday, November 20th. – Forrest

Stevie Van Blog

Stevie Van Zandt Interview

Stevie Van Zandt from the E Street Band on seeing Jimmy Hendrix when he was still Jimmy James, changing his appearance for The Sopranos and Lilyhammer, what he gets Bruce Springsteen for his birthday, his radio show, if he’s he friendly with Tom Morello and he talks about his new book, “Unrequited Infatuations“, out now. littlesteven.comForrest


Bands Covering Pink Floyd

I’ve been on a Pink Floyd kick lately. I remember they were playing Veterans Stadium in Philadelphia on June 2nd, 3rd & 4th in 1994 but I wasn’t allowed to go because my parents said I’d be exposed to drugs. My older cousins went and did acid the entire weekend so maybe they were right. Still, wish I could have gone. Check these out. – Forrest


Kasim Sulton Interview

Kasim Sulton is a bass played known for playing with Utopia, Todd Rundgren, Meat Loaf, Joan Jett, Blue Öyster Cult, Hall & Oates and more.  We talk about “Bat Out Of Hell” by Meat Loaf, working with Joan Jett and songwriter Desmond Child, what he thinks about the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and his new album, “Kasim 2021” out now. – Forrest


A Flock of Seagulls Lead Singer

Mike Score is the lead singer of the English new wave band A Flock Of Seagulls who have released a new album, “String Theory“.  It’s their 7th album and features the Slovenian Symphonic Film Orchestra.  Mike talks about the new release and what it’s like to work with an orchestra, winning a Grammy in 1983, touring with The Police on the Synchronicity Tour and if he was a big Rolling Stones fan. – Forrest


Craig Gass (comedian)

Comedian Craig Gass talks about working on the Howard Stern Show, living at Eddie Van Halen’s house, being roomates with Mitch Hedberg, friends with George Carlin and hanging with Kenny G at a Slayer concert.  Plus he breaks out his best impressions of Al Pacino, Adam Sandler, Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Sam Kinison, Lars Ulrich and Christopher Walken. Forrest


Marc D’Antonio (astronomer)

Astronomer Marc D’Antonio talks about “Shock Doc: Alien Invasion: Hudson Valley” now on Discovery+.  Hudson Valley is the undisputed UFO capital of the world with over 3k encounters the past 10 years.  Marc talks about the town, fossils, what the government has released and his own strange expriences. – Forrest



Green Day covers KISS

The more time that goes by the more I respect Green Day.  This pretty much rules, I had no idea Green Day could sound like this & didn’t know they had another guitarst on tour with them. – Forrest


Forrest Jimmy

Jimmy Cliff Interview

The legendary Jimmy Cliff on working with Tim Armstrong from Rancid, was Robin Williams depressed, if tourism is good for Jamacia and what a young Bob Marley was like. His new song, “Human Touch”, is out now. – Forrest


Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet

Gary Kemp from Spandau Ballet talks about the success of the band from 168 million views on YouTube to sold out shows at London’s O2 Arena and 5 million airplays on the radio in the U.S. He also talks about playing with Nick Mason and Roger Waters from Pink Floyd, his friendship with Queen and his podcast, “Rockonteurs”. His 1st solo album in 25 years, Insolo, is out now. – Forrest

Lukather Web

Steve Lukather – Toto

Steve Lukather from Toto talks about the passing of Eddie Van Halen, playing guitar on “Beat It” on the album “Thriller”, what he spends his money on, his connection to Journey, his issue with the Weezer cover and the new live Toto album, “With A Little Help From My Friends”, out now. – Forrest