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Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, motorcycles, downhill skiing, fly fishing (poorly), dogs, and sushi.  That’s about it.  I get yelled at at least once a month to remove something from Twitter by my boss and I’m a huge soccer fan, even trying out for an MLS team one time.  I’ve never seen The Godfather.


Man builds a bunker in his yard

I think every man dreams of having a 5 car garage and a bunker. – Forrest

Do a kickflip!

One regret I do have is I wish I had gotten more into skateboarding.  It’s like having long hair, in your 40’s is not the best time to start.  My neighbor built a halfpipe in his driveway and my son just got his 1st skateboard.


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In high school woodshop I built a quarter pipe but never skated a half pipe. I knew some older kids that had a massive one near me and after churck I’d ask my parents to drive buy it, knowing there’s no way they’d be awake and skating that early on a Sunday.  I was wrong, there they were and my parents came to a full stop in the street…I was mortified.  They were these kids that knew about pot and smoked cigarettes and there I was coming home from church with my parents. Oh my God I wished I was 3 inches tall that day.  They waved and said, “Hey Forrest!”.  Even worse, they knew who I was.  I was too young, too square, and too bad of a skater to even hang out with them.  I had cheap boards from Sears and pads my parents made me wear, I still loved it though.  The complexity of tricks, the imagery, the stars, the video tape compliations, the gear. I never got good and it slowly faded away but it’s still cool to me.

This week walking around the neighborhood some kids were on a halfpipe they built in there driveway.  A chunky kid with his shirt off was skating it hard, and he was good. The self confidence he had while my young son stared made me smile. Maybe I should buy a board and teach my son to skate.  Why not?  I don’t have to be good, I just have to have fun. – Forrest


Led Zeppelin live

The band says this will only be up for a limited time, Led Zeppelin’s London O2 peformance in 2007.  I was one of the over 20 million that entered the lottery to buy tickets but no luck for me.  If you want a digital copy of this album just Tweet me here or message me on Instagram here and I’ll hook you up. – Forrest


David Coverdale from Whitesnake

Here is a recent interview with David Coverdale from Whitesnake and Deep Purple. “The ROCK Album” from White Snake is coming out June 19th on CD and white vinyl. describes it as, “revisited, remixed and remastered versions of the band’s best rock songs plus a previously unreleased Song “Always The Same”.

David talks about life during quarantine, if he has talked to Tawny Kitaen and would he tour with Jimmy Page and Jason Bonham. – Forrest


Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Marley calls in on Earth Day to talk about the 75th anniversary of his father, Bob Marley. He talks about what he did on 420, the 2 things Bob Marley wanted to be before a musican, meeting David Bowie and what were the last words his father ever said to him. – Forrest


Jason Hawes from Ghost Nation

Jason Hawes from the TV show Ghost Nation called in to talk about season 2, if he thinks I would I be a scary ghost in 100 years, has he ever encountered anything evil and what he thinks happens when we die.  Ghost Nation airs on SyFy Wednesdays 8/7c and Jason was on the hit History Channel show, Ghost Hunters. – Forrest


Trapt interview

The lead singer from Trapt has been the most exciting thing on Twitter during the quarantine.  Whether he’s fighting Ice-T, getting into a Twitter batte with Power Trip, being challenged by Danny Diablo from the NYHC scene or showing his support of Trump, the Trapt Twitter account has been quoted by Alternative Press, Revolver, Loudwire, Metal Injection and more just in 1 month.

I gave Chris Taylor Brown a call to get his side of the story. – Forrest


Stones from home

I love the Stones, I think I like them more and more every year.  I wish I could live my life not caring as much as they do.  It looks fun. – Forrest


My Pandemic Playlist

Dave Grohl (Nirvana/Foo Fighters) recently shared his pandemic playlist.

Thought I’d start my own. – Forrest


Bingo, bingo, bingo

Ever play bingo with Matthew McConaughey?  Be a lot cooler if you did.  Here’s how he’s using his time during home quarantine, volunteering to call video online for a senior center.  – Forrest


AC/DC: A 5 Minute Drum & Guitar Chronology

Always suspicous of these “cover” videos where the actual song is played at the same time because it could just be lip syching with some video editing.  I do have to admit, the “Thunderstruck” does sound a bit off so maybe it is these 2 dudes playing.

This one is cool too. (Pay attention to the 1:33 mark) – Forrest


Farmer Forrest

Damn fox took 2 of my chickens!


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Decided to get some chicks to fill out my flock.


Got 2 Wyandotte’s & 2 Amber White’s.

I had 2 Ameraucana’s which were my favorite but the fox got those.  Now I just have 1 Rhode Island Red and 2 Barred Rock’s.

Since my chickens free range and get a ton of table scraps they prouced eggs all winter.  I hate seeing chickens in small penned in coop’s.  I even worked on a chicken farm once in a whle when I was a teenager.  You can just tell they’re happier with room to roam.  I am putting in a rather large garden so this fence is going up to just keep them out. $20 in pallets.

I also planted 2 peach trees and an apple tree this week which they are going to love this fall. – Forrest


Rock Stars Quarantined

Lock a rock star in a house with his guitars for 14 days and you’re going to get an album.  I think a year from now we’ll see an explosion of releases.  These are some of the ones I enjoy watching now. – Forrest

Billy Joel Armstrong from Green Day did this cover

Chad Smith from the Red Hot Chili Peppers playing Zeppelin


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Bono from U2 already wrote a song about the Italians singing from their balconies.


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Behind the scenes at 96.9 The Eagle

With concerns about COVID-19 all the DJ’s are in separate studios and even some are broadcasting from home like Duffy.

I did a quick video tour of the studios on Friday to show you behind the scenes. – Forrest




Geddy Lee + Metallica?

Picture I took backsage on the "Death Magnetic" tour
Picture I took backsage on the “Death Magnetic” tour

I’m pretty sure this is fan made and not approved by the band since they are only showing and playing clips from other interviews.  Still, it’s not that bad.  At the 9:20 mark drummer Lars Ulrich claims Geddy Lee from Rush almost produced the album – Forrest


Van Halen’s Lost Weekend

A documentary from filmmakers Bradford Thomason and Brett Whitcomb: In 1984, two friends from small-town Pennsylvania won an MTV contest and the chance to party with Van Halen for 48 hours. – Forrest


Eddie Money’s jokes

Eddie Money loved to tell jokes.  A tribute concert for The Money Man will air later this month featuring George Thorogood, Rick Springfield, Sammy Hagar and James Hetfield straight out of rehab. – Forrest


RHCP Piano Cover

Hot woman covering rock songs, hugely succesful.

Roxanne – 2 million views.

Eye of The Tiger – 9 million views.

Money for Nothing – 13 million views

Highway to Hell – 33 million views

Great, these woman are beyond talented.  My only question is how much is edited?  On all the videos (except AC/DC) the original song is playing overtop so what if it’s lilke the superbowl and theyre just playing to a backing track?  This next video also features a ton of video & audio editing but I don’t doubt Gamazda can play that well.

I think this one has unedited audio. – Forrest


Craig Gass

Craig Gass in the studio with impressions of Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Christopher Walken, Sam Kinison, Adam Sandler, Lars Ulrich plus he tells some great stories about opening up for Kiss, Metallica, Motley Crue and friendships with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Corey Taylor, System of A Down, Korn and more. – Forrest


Jazz Sabbath

At first I didn’t get it, was it a joke?  Now I get it, it is a joke but I kind of love it and want this on vinyl for sure. – Forrest


Jay Mohr

Comedian Jay Mohr in the studio talking about the time he almost made me crap my pants, bands he saw while on SNL, mutual acquaintances and his character “Big Momma Got It All”. – Forrest


Trip to Seattle

Took a quick trip to Seatlle over the weekend and I spent the entire time tracking down rock stars that lived and died there.  I totally forgot to catch the Chris Cornell statue though, maybe next time.

Kurt Cobain’s house.  I felt weird, it’s just a house and there I am out front taking pictures with a baseball cap on and Adidas sweatshirt, I felt like the kind of guy Kurt wouldn’t have liked.

I also saw the condo where Layne Staley (Alice in Chains) died. (Top floor on the left in green).  I felt real creepy because this is just a residential building with a daycare on the bottom floor and I’m in the parking lot taking pictures.  I wonder if anyone living there even knows the history.

Jimi Hendrix’s grave.  Sadly a ton of people have written messages on the wall defacing the grave even though there are cameras watching the entire area.


Bruce and Brandon Lee’s grave.

The MoPOP (Museum Of Pop Culture) was a mecca for rock memorbilla.

Steve Ray Vaughn’s Telecaster

Eric Clapton’s Stratocaster

As seen in this performance on the Johnny Cash Show.






Dave Grohl’s Explorer

Jerry Cantrell’s (Alice in Chains) G&L Rampage

Hank Williams’ 1951 Gibson Jumbo

Pearl Jam roadcase and Temple of the Dog amp.

Univox Hi-Flier Phase 3 guitar smashed by Kurt Cobain on July 13th, 1989 in NJ.

Kurt Cobain’s Fender Jag-Stang

Hendrix’s Stratocaster played at Woodstock.

Plus several other guitars I forgot to mention and clothing and awards won by bands.  Most of these guitars (*were) are owned by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen. – Forrest


Massive Guitar Collection

Massive guitar collection including a Led Paul shaped swimming pool.  I realy dug Mark when he worked for Norm’s Rare Guitars, I watched them all the time.

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Then he took a job for Gibson and it didn’t start out great but this is an impressive collection and cool swimming pool. – Forrest


Concerts in 2020 I can’t afford

Well I goofed up and bought Tool tickets and spent my entire ticket budget for the year.

I’ve seen them before and I reall like them live.  It’s different, they don’t do a ton of talking and the visuals are impressive.  However, 2 bands I have never seen have announced North American tours and instead of Tool I could have waited and done one of these instead.  The Rolling Stones in San Diego

Guns N’ Roses in Seattle.

Backup choice:

Or the money is no object show. – Forrest


$26.5 million Star Wars house

I have a Storm Trooper helmet in my office, that’s it.

It’s not even a real helmet, it’s a foam piggy band.  Friends of mine got it for me and I thought it looked cool so I put it in this box.  I like the Star Wars saga but I think this house might be a bit too much. Click below for the link to click through pictures. – Forrest


Hetfield out of rehab

I’m a big Metallica fan, I can remember the first time I heard “One”.  It warped my brain.  It was so dark, so heavy, so venemous.  “Can you do that in music?” I questioned.  Up until that point I had only listened to The Beach Boys and my parents bought me a Bon Jovi cassette once for Christmas.  No idea why, I hate Bon Jovi.  But that was it, I had fallen into a hole known as Hard Rock or Metal.  Onto Black Sabbath, Faith No More, Megadeth, and AC/DC but it all started with that one song.  They’ve had a few albums along the way I didn’t enjoy (St. Anger & Lulu I’m looking in your direction) but I think the last few albums have re-cemented their strength.

I was even lucky enough to interview them on the Death Magnetic Tour in 2008.

Lead singer James Hetfield checked into rehab in 2002 and again in September for 2019.  He was spotted last night for the 1st time since entering rehab at a car show, Hetfield has an impressive collection of cars. – Forrest



Rush, The Police & Tool supergroup

Tool won a Grammy over the weekend and drummer Danny Carey thanked Rush drummer Neil Peart calling him his “good friend”.  He also mentioned John Bonham.

Danny, Neil and Steweart Copeland from The Police jammed back in 2015. – Forrest


Chris Kattan

Actor, comedian and SNL alum Chris Kattan stopped by the Eagle studios on Friday, January 24th to promote his stand-up gigs at Liquid Laughs in Boise.  It starts out bad.  I really liked “Corky Romano” but was shocked to learn it only has an 8% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.  Maybe I shouldn’t have brought it up and it continued to go sideways for me. 


I misquoted and it had a 7% on Rotten Tomatoes.  There are a few gems in here like his stories about seeing bands on SNL and his impressions of Johnny Cash and David Lee Roth.  I didn’t feel comfortable asking for a picture afterwards. My bad.  – Forrest


Ozzy documentary

“Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne” will debut at the South By Southwest Festival in the spring. – Forrest


Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame

Greg Harris is the CEO of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Class of 2020 is Depeche Mode, The Doobie Brothers, Nine Inch Nails, Whitney Houston, The Notorious B.I.G. and T. Rex. Greg calls in with the announcement of the bands and discusses the absence of bands like Thin Lizzy, Judas Priest, Soundgarden and Motorhead. He also talks about the passing of Neil Peart from Rush, how they decide who inducts who and quickly runs down his motorcycle collection. Greg was a senior executive at the Baseball Hall of Fame for 14 years and owned “The Philadelphia Record Exchange” record store in the 80’s. – Forrest



I almost didn’t catch it until the Arnold impression.  After Pacino I kept rewinding it trying to figure out how he changed his eyes for the impression.  The I realized it had to be fake, Deepfake.  Creepy.  Imagine this technology in 50 years. – Forrest


Happy birthday Malcom Young

I’m a big AC/DC fan. In college I’d stay out partying all night then sit in my dorm room on the bottom bunk blasted out of my mind and fall asleep listening to AC/DC cassettes on my purple Sony Walkman.  I remember it was purple because that was the cheapest one and all I could afford.  My first radio job I missed meeting the band by 1 week.  Never had another chance.  Gotta be at the top of my wish list.

Scott Ian from Anthrax is such a big fan he has an 2 AC/DC tattoos. – Forrest


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“Salute” Jet. ‘Nuff said. #malcolmyoung #stephenstern @officialgretsch

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Acoustic Guitars

I recently piced up a Sigma Dm-1 guitar made by Martin & Co.


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There’s just something about a deep sounding acoustic guitar that an electric can never dupicate.   I realy like watching guitarists that are known for their work on the elctric guitar picking up an acoustic.  I’m always suprised on how good they are, seems silly but you never realy think about Jimi Hendrix playing unplugged. – Forrest