Monday – Friday 2:00 pm – 7:00 PM


Fortune Feimster (comedian)

Comedian Fortune Feimster calls in to talk about working with Arnold Schwarzenegger on “Fubar“, her new special on Netflix, “Good Fortune”, coming out to her father as the age of 25 in North Carolina, plus her love for Chili’s & Hooters. – Forrest

JY Web

James “J.Y.” Young interview

Guitarist and singer James “J.Y.” Young from Styx talks future plans of the band, the passing of his wife Susan and some of the iconic music acts he’s seen and opened for. He’s often called “The Godfather Of Styx”.

Aaron Weber

Comedian Aaron Weber

Comedian Aaron Weber talks about what it feels like to storm a football field at Notre Dame, how he organizes his baseball card collection, his 1st show at The Comedy Store in LA and being a part of The Nateland Podcast. – Forrest


Have You Got It Yet?

Interview with the director of “Have You Got It Yet? The Story of Syd Barrett and Pink Floyd”, Roddy Bogawa.


Ahmet Zappa

Ahmet Zappa, son of Frank Zappa, talks about one of his favorite bands, Kiss, and his friendship with Ozzy Osbourne. Ahmet helped put together the lost Frank Zappa album, “Funky Nothingness” out now. It’s the sequel to the iconic “Hot Rats” (1969). The 2LP set comes on black 180g audiophile vinyl. Order online here. Ahmet is also the host of the podcast, “Rocktails“.


Blues Traveler interview

Ben Wilson is the keyboard player for Blues Traveler, on tour now with Big Head Todd & The Monsters on the “Blue Monsters” tour. Ben talks about being nominated for a Grammy, seeing the Grateful Dead & The Allman Brothers Band, the new album on the way plus which is bigger, “Hook” or “Run-Around”. – Forrest


Warren Hayes (Gov’t Mule/Allman Bros)

Warren Haynes from Gov’t Mule and The Allman Brothers Band talks about his connection with Dave Grohl, Johnny Cash, how Billy Bob Thorton got on the new album and playing with Paul Rogers (Bad Company), Slash (Guns N’ Roses) and Billy F. Gibbons (ZZ Top) at the CMT tribute to Gary Rossington (Lynyrd Skynyrd). “Peace…Like A River” is out now. – Forrest


Piff the Magic Dragon

Piff the Magic Dragon is a comedian and magician seen on “Penn & Teller: Fool Us” and “America’s Got Talent”. Piff talks about his friendship with Penn & Teller, working with Howie Mandel on AGT and seeing Carrot Top in Vegas, He currently has a residency at The Flamingo in Vegas and his special, “Reptile Dysfunction”, is on YouTube


New Foo Fighters Drummer

I was kind of hoping the Foo Fighters would announce Rufus “Tiger” Taylor as their new drummer. He’s the son of Roger Taylor from Queen & Roger was vague when asked if Rufus would take over for Taylor Hawkins. Rufus also played with the Foo Fighters before

He then played at the Hawkins benefit.

Rufus even has a Taylor Hawkins tattoo but is in the studio with The Darkness and touring with them this year.

Josh Freese is known as the drummer for hire and can hop into a band with almost no notice. He’s played with Nine Inch Nails, DEVO, A Perfect Circle, Guns N’ Roses, Rob Zombie, Static-X, 3 Doors Down, Bruce Springsteen and recently was the drummer for The Offspring. Last week The Offspring kicked off a tour with a new drummer, not Josh Freese.

Josh made no mention that he had left The Offspring and was quiet on social media which he usually is actively on. Then yesterday the Foo Fighters announced he was the live drummer for them.

I don’t know if they’ve announced him as a full “member” of the Foo Fighters or as the drummer for this tour. Dave Grohl played drums on the new album out June 2nd but for now it looks like he is a member of the band. He plays with so many artists it’s tough to see him in just 1 band. You can stream the entire jam session here but you need to create an account.

In the announcement they give 2 Josh Freese easter eggs. 1) The P.F. Changs mention from Tommy Lee references Josh mentioning the restaurant on Instagram all the time.

The 2nd one is Danny Carey from Tool with the poodles, Josh owns poodles and not Grohl. – Forrest


Stylin’ In Sturgis 2023

Click here to sign up for the “Stylin’ in Sturgis” contest where 2 people will win:

One Harley Davidson Motorcycle – provided by RideNow
Cabin & VIP package – provided by Glencoe Camp Resort
Custom products – provided by Magnum Research
Complete LED Light Kit – provided by Letric Lighting Co
Jewelry Shopping Spree – provided by NightRider Jewelry
Performance Transmission -provided by Baker Drivetrain
Travel Credit to and from the Rally – provided by Law Tigers
Embellished Print – provided by Scott Jacobs

Warren Web

Greg Warren interview

Greg Warren is a comedian heard on the Bob & Tom Show. Greg’s new special, “The Salesman”, is out now on YouTube. Greg talks about this time as a salesman for JIF and Pringles, knowing Larry The Cable Guy for 20+ years & going to the same high school as Nikki Glaser. – Forrest

Kinks Web

Dave Davies – The Kinks

Guitar player Dave Davies from The Kinks talks about the new release, “The Journey – Part 1“, how he became friends with filmmaker John Carpenter, knowing Brian Jones from The Rolling Stones and he talks about his son Daniel Davies from the band, Karma To Burn. “The Journey – Part 2” comes out September 29th and his autobiography, “Living on a Thin Line” is out now. – Forrest

Colin Web

Colin Blunstone – The Zombies

Colin Blunstone is the lead singer of The Zombies with a new album, “Different Game”, out March 31st. Colin talks about going to Elvis’s house, how Boise, Idaho made them famous and ZZ Top pretending to be The Zombies. – Forrest

Colt Web

Monster Jam Interview

Colt Stephens drives the ThunderROARus truck for Monster Jam and has driven Brodozer, Doom’s Day and been a commentator for Monster Jam on NBC. The Texas based driver talks about the future of monster truck driving, going to the bathroom as an underwater welder and how many hats he owns. Monster Jam is at the Ford Idaho Center in Nampa March 11 – Forrest

Foo Pin

Foo Fighters pinball

My 1st thought, what about Taylor Hawkins? If you pause the trailer, you can see him on the graphics.

Pro Edition: $6,999 Premium Edition: $9,699 Limited Edition: $12,999. Details on how to order here. I want to buy 2 shipping containers and connect them with a roof & a patio in the middle. One is for guitars; one is for pinball machines and motorcycles on the patio.

I’d love to get to add the GNR and Rush pinball games to my pinball shipping container. – Forrest


Steve Shippy – Paranormal Investigator

Paranormal investigator Steve Shippy on the new show, “Shoc Docs: Michigan Hell House” on The Travel Channel and Discovery+ this Sunday at 9 PM. Steve investigated a house in Michigan he claims is more haunted than the house from Amityville. He goes through some of what he found while investigating and some of his experiences from his past. – Forrest

Steve Vai

Steve Vai

Steve Vai talking about his new album, “Vai/Gash”. Plus, his love of motorcycles, the lost guitar from the “Yankee Rose” video and beekeeping. vai.comForrest


Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Rock and blues guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd on the 25th anniversary of “Trouble Is”, touring with Bob Dylan, Mel Gibson’s private island and moving from California to Louisiana. – Forrest

Craig Web

Craig Gass in town this weekend

Comedian, actor and impressionist Craig Gass stopped by to do voices of Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Lars Ulrich, Sam Kinison, Morgan Freeman, out of breath Mark Wahlberg and Arnold Schwarzenegger in a car accident.

Steveo Web

Steve-O in Boise Jan 13th & 14th

Steve-O from Jackass talks about his Bucket List tour plus Mick Mars from Mötley Crüe being replaced by John 5 on the road, why he hates Pantera, going to clown college, getting sober and what he thinks happens when we die.

Hoey Web

Gary Hoey interview

Guitarist Gary Hoey on working with Lita Ford on her new album, trying out for Ozzy Osbourne, quitting coffee, his Christmas traditions and what he has coming in 2023. – Forrest

Bob Cowsill Web

Bob Cowsill from “The Cowsills”

Bob Cowsill from The Cowsills talks about their version of “Hair” that made them famous, inspiring the TV show “The Partridge Family”, Knowing John Stamos and hanging with Johnny Cash and Carl Perkins. “Rhythm Of The World” is out now. – Forrest

Jason Hanley

RRHOF 2022 Induction Ceremony

Jason Hanely is the Vice President of Education and Visitor Engagement of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The 2022 induction ceremony is airing Saturday, November 19th at 8:00 PM on HBO. He talks about Dolly Parton changing her mind and accepting the nomination and surprise appearances from Dave Grohl and Sheryl Crow. He also discussed Nine Inch Nail’s recent performance at the RRHOF. – Forrest

Joe Bonamassa

Joe Bonamassa interview

Blues rock guitarist and singer Joe Bonamassa calls in to talk about where Albert King’s flying V’s ended up and which gutiar store is most dangerous for him and his over 500 guitars at home. He also discusses where “Black Country Communion” is as far as a new album.  A new Bonamassa release, “Road To Redemption”, is streaming now and Joe’s on tour globally through August of 2023. – Forrest


Nirvana covers Led Zeppelin

The quality isn’t great but this is 1988 in a house recorded on VHS at a practice session so don’t judge the body of work even though I think with a proper sound system on stage this would hold up, but it’s most impressive because Kurt gave the impression that he hated bands like Led Zeppelin and Van Halen and liked more artistic bands like David Bowie, The Meat Puppets and Flipper. Yet here he is, covering “Immigrant Song” and not making fun of it. He was a fan. – Forrest


Metallica + Men at Work Mashup

I keep listening to this, it’s actually pretty good! When the breakdown happens & Metallica are all headbanging together (2:30) is one of the coolest scenes in a music video – Forrest

Steve Shippy Web

Steve Shippy (Paranormal Investigator)

Steve Shippy and psychic medium Cindy Kaza attempt to make contact with the ghosts of Flight 401 which crashed into the Florida Evergrades in 1972, killing 101 people on board. Steve also talks about his friendship with Sid (DJ Starscream) from Slipknot and DJ Lethal from House of Pain/Limp Bizkit. “Shock Docks: Ghost of Flight 401” debuts on the Travel Channel and Discovery+ on Friday, October 28th. – Forrest

David Paich Web

David Paich from TOTO

David Paich is the co-founder, songwriter, keyboardist and singer of the rock band Toto. His solo record, “Forgotten Toys” is out now featuring guest appearances from Don Felder (Eagles), Joseph Williams and Steve Lukather (TOTO), Michael McDonald (The Doobie Brothers/Steely Dan) and more. David talks about working with Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) and Mötley Crüe and shares how many pianos are at his house and home studio. – Forrest


My Hawaiian hunting & fishing trip

Over the weekend I finally scheduled my 2022 white-tail fall trip this year for a few weeks from now in Northern Idaho. Not able to do Mule Deer or Elk this year as I did a hunting/fishing trip in Hawaii earlier in 2022. I got a Spanish Goat on The Big Island.

A few days later I was able to catch a Pacific Blue Marlin on Oahu.

I do have a pop-up camper for trips in Idaho.

This weekend I helped a friend go though his new truck cap camper. That got me searching for the ultimate camping rig, as of now I haven’t figured out how to haul my dirt bike and camper at the same time. I need to get a front hitch installed but just can’t afford it right now so I have someone haul one and I haul the other. I found my dream one but the cost! There is no way I could ever afford this or would spend this much, but it’s cool! It’s a converted cargo trailer and the best walk through is here but below are a couple more videos. Cost: $30-$40k.

If I wanted to spend evern more there’s also this one, minus the fake happy hosts. I mean the woman is excited about the vaccum, the toilet paper, the front door…EVERYTHING. We get it, you’re super happy.

Vir Web

Vir Das (comedian)

Comedian Vir Das has a new Netflix special coming in December and is on his “Wanted World Tour” now. He talks about almost being thrown in jail for his comedy, the best street foods in the world and how to swear in Hindi. – Forrest

Candlebox Web

Candlebox interview

Lead singer Kevin Martin from Candlebox talking about touring with Rush, Metallica and Aerosmith plus seeing Pearl Jam’s 1st show, the early grunge scene, the Cornell brothers and the new album, “Wolves” out now. The band was live in Boise on Saturday, October 1st. – Forrest

Dio Web

Interview with Wendy Dio

Ronnie James Dio’s widow Wendy calls in to talk about the new Dio documentary, “Dreamers Never Die” in theatres September 28th and October 2nd. Wendy talks about cameos in the documentary, Dio’s relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, if she has old Dio props in storage and what we can expect from the soundtrack coming out in the fall. – Forrest

Jeff Podcast

Jeff Pilson from Foreigner

Jeff Pilson from Foreigner calls in to talk about when will the band call it quits, knowing Pantera forever, his best friend Steven Alder from Guns N’ Roses, playing with Dio and Dokken, appearing in the movie “Rock Star” plus sobriety. – Forrest


Woodstock ’99: what the documentary got wrong

Don’t listen to the new Woodstock ’99 documentaries, I was there, it was awesome! It wasn’t scary, it wasn’t out of control. I was there with 11 friends for all 3 days up until the fires started. I saw people playing in mud that wasn’t mud, I witnessed money flying out of ATM’s, I saw things getting lit on fire. It was fine. When there’s 400,000 people drinking in 1 place, you’re going to have a couple of idiots.

We knew it was a bad idea to hand out candles for peace because by then trash was blowing around & you just knew people were going to light it on fire. I saw ATM machines broken open and I thought about grabbing some but knew each dollar serial number was recorded and I’d end up in trouble. I didn’t knock over ATM’s Monday – Friday, why would I do it on the weekend? I saw people breaking down plywood walls to get in for free but those are the kind of people that break the law anyway, Woodstock or not. Limp Bizkit didn’t start the riots, it was just a lot of people having a lot of fun – stuff’s going to get broken. Carson Daly wasn’t in any sort of trouble; hell I didn’t even know he was there and nobody cared about him anyway. I didn’t see 1 fight or 1 arrest. I saw people that should of been arrested and I saw refrigeration trucks explode when I was on my way out but I never saw violence against people.

If you ever went to a party and half of them were idiots, that was Woodstock. Kind of fun but also kind of concerning.

The RATM pit was a little scary, but I was like 100 lbs & drank vodka all day, not my best day on my feet. Limp Bizkit was fun, the Korn crowd was great & I got real close to the front. At this time Creed was still cool and they did such a great cover of The Doors with Robbie Krieger. The Offspring were funny, Sevendust blew my mind and I had never seen them live or heard them before. Everclear was sounding great, Godsmack and Megadeth had great shows, Rusted Root was so much fun and James Brown was iconic. This was the 1st time I’d even seen Kid Rock in the flesh or in the press and he put on a great show, Sheryl Crow pulled out a Guns N’ Roses cover and the Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist came out naked and played nude the whole time. I can’t imagine being that confident. Metallica were the last band on the 2nd night and with another day to go so they said, “Hey, since there’s nobody up next let’s keep playing!” They did at least 2 encores, eventually I just sat down and waited for them to finish. Kid Rock came out and sat on Lars Ulrich’s drum set & drank Jack Daniels straight out of the bottle. I saw Fatboy Slim or Moby at a rave at like 2 AM but don’t remember much from that. Perry Farrell from Jane’s Addiction was playing a DJ set too. DMX was great but I remember Ice Cube being kind of flat, I could of just been exhausted. Bands that I missed or don’t remember if I saw were Dave Matthews, Our Lady Peace, George Clinton, Lit, Counting Crows, The Brian Setzer Orchestra & Alanis Morisette. Aerosmith had canceled by the time I got there & I didn’t even know Willie Nelson or Muse were there. Hell, I didn’t even know what a Muse was at the time.

I’ve talked to a few friends I went to Woodstock ’99 with and ask them if we were scared or was it out of control, maybe I just don’t remember it correctly. No, they all said the same thing. It was the greatest weekend ever.