New Foo Fighters Drummer

I was kind of hoping the Foo Fighters would announce Rufus “Tiger” Taylor as their new drummer. He’s the son of Roger Taylor from Queen & Roger was vague when asked if Rufus would take over for Taylor Hawkins. Rufus also played with the Foo Fighters before

He then played at the Hawkins benefit.

Rufus even has a Taylor Hawkins tattoo but is in the studio with The Darkness and touring with them this year.

Josh Freese is known as the drummer for hire and can hop into a band with almost no notice. He’s played with Nine Inch Nails, DEVO, A Perfect Circle, Guns N’ Roses, Rob Zombie, Static-X, 3 Doors Down, Bruce Springsteen and recently was the drummer for The Offspring. Last week The Offspring kicked off a tour with a new drummer, not Josh Freese.

Josh made no mention that he had left The Offspring and was quiet on social media which he usually is actively on. Then yesterday the Foo Fighters announced he was the live drummer for them.

I don’t know if they’ve announced him as a full “member” of the Foo Fighters or as the drummer for this tour. Dave Grohl played drums on the new album out June 2nd but for now it looks like he is a member of the band. He plays with so many artists it’s tough to see him in just 1 band. You can stream the entire jam session here but you need to create an account.

In the announcement they give 2 Josh Freese easter eggs. 1) The P.F. Changs mention from Tommy Lee references Josh mentioning the restaurant on Instagram all the time.

The 2nd one is Danny Carey from Tool with the poodles, Josh owns poodles and not Grohl. – Forrest