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I love me some Seafood Fettuccine! And I guess when it comes to music, I’m the same…give me a good mix…portions of Led Zeppelin to U2, and stir in a big assortment of others (even outside of rock). You’ll find me at the gym, on a mountain bike, or hiking…when I get time away from work, which includes driving limousines part time. Biggest “stars” I’ve driven….Keith Richards and Ron Woods, and country artist Reba McEntire (all during my years in Portland OR).


Pretty amazing at this age…

Perhaps you were there, but if not…here’s just a few clips of videos of Sammy Hagar & The Circle from the Saturday night show, following golf that day at the Albertson’s Open. Sammy turns 74 next month, and he is still movin’ & grovin’ on stage…including his vocals AND great guitar playing! It had been a good 10 years since I’d seen Sammy, at that time with the supergroup “Chickenfoot”, and while my memory may not be as sharp as it once was…I can tell you that he’s still got it!  ~ Ron 



And…they’re back!

The KISS Farewell tour has resumed…after the guys last played a live in-person show back in March of 2020. The tour kicked off in Mansfield MA, and rolls through Boise next month…a final chance to see KISS. And sorry for any hard core David Lee Roth fans…he’s NOT part of the tour. As KISS put it…he’s beyond his prime…and yah, I agree. More of my blogs by clicking on my name! ~ Ron


I’m so easily amused…

OK, so this bird isn’t even close to the lyrics, trying to sing “Don’t Fear The Reaper”…but it’s still damn funny, and what an ending!  ~ Ron O’


Paddle Boarding scare…

I’m getting set to head off on vacation, and will be doing some paddle boarding in a few spots in northern Idaho. I took up paddle boarding early last year, and had some amazing times! I stuck to lakes, including places like Redfish Lake and Stanley Lake. I have NO desire to venture elsewhere, as in bodies of water where creatures like SHARKS may be lurking! And I would especially suggest you think twice about “learning” out of the gate in the ocean, or even an ocean bay! This video shows a guy who is just learning, looks like perhaps his first time on a board, off of Virginia Beach. He’s got a GoPro type camera attached…and imagine having this happen! I’m betting he didn’t get back in the water for a second go of it, and if he ever ventured out in the future, he probably stuck to a lake or pond. ~ Ron 

Dr Feelgood label

The latest vinyl addition, and ouch!

Vinyl sales in 2020 surged almost 30 percent over 2019…and for the first time since the 80’s now outsell CDs! My latest addition is a single Lp, the most I’ve spent on just one album so far…and this won’t be happening often! The new pressings (180 gram) will typically set you back somewhere around $25 for a single Lp…BUT, if you want (and can find them) an ORIGINAL pressing, and something in very good condition, you will spend a considerable amount more! Such is the case with my latest, Motley Crue’s “Dr. Feelgood”, the original from Elektra in 1989, in what’s considered “near mint, or near mint -“…about 6 for sale in the world, via the Discogs site. With shipping this set me back $97 with shipping, and came from Germany. You can find some in lesser condition, but I like to stick with either the originals in Mint or Near Mint…or just go with the new 180 gram pressings, and many albums aren’t even available in the new pressings. At one point I had close to at least 100 albums, many of which were specialty copies from radio…and I sold that entire collection during the big recession, and that was one of those “ugh” moments, similar to when you look back on that classic car you once had, and sold. The new collection is slowly growing, but unless I hit a windfall of some sorts, it won’t be made up much of these spendy originals. ~ Ron 


Ron O' pool

Golf season…FORE!

You may have heard of her…one of (if not THE) hottest lady golfers out there…Paige Spiranac. She’s not only gorgeous, but she’s a top notch golfer. Watch this video closely, and you might just improve your swing, or maybe you don’t golf…watch it anyway, trust me…you’ll be glad you did.  ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

Is it getting better…

This one is called Mötley Reeves & the Crüellas – “Ten Seconds to Run”…one of the latest “mash ups”. I for one think these are pretty fun, and in many cases, VERY well done! As stretched as this one is (60’s vs 80’s) I think it is pretty cool. The Crue’s “Ten Seconds To Love” tied in with Martha Reeves & The Vandela’s “Nowhere to Run”! ~ Ron O’


Dead man walking…oh wait,

Don’t know where this is at, but it’s legit…the man obviously loved his drumming, but wow…to be propped up behind your drum kit, when you’re DEAD!!? Imagine if you went to the viewing, and walked into this. ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

Ann Wilson w/Gov’t Mule

Ann Wilson joined Gov’t Mule recently for one night of the bands 3 night stay in New Haven Ct. Now that is a show I wish I could have been at…especially coming off the whole “no-concerts” scenario during Covid! But we do have some decent video to share of just some of the AMAZING tunes that Ann and the band performed. The night included a number of Led Zeppelin covers (all done amazingly well, I might add!), Tom Petty’s “Luna”, and Heart’s “Magic Man”. Along with some of their original material of course…Gov’t Mule had also done numerous covers the previous two nights, the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, and of course, The Allman Brothers Band. Gov’t Mule did a show here in Boise a few years ago, which I missed. Next time I get a chance, I WON’T miss one of their show! Enjoy a few of the videos below. ~ Ron O’

YES…I’m no longer a virgin!

I recall, after moving to the Treasure Valley in late 2005, going to one or two of the then “Boise Burn” games. At that time it was arena football played at Century Link Arena. The league (Arena Football 2) wouldn’t last, and the Burn were defunct after the 2009 season. But over the past few years, another league returned…and while the season was cancelled in 2020, the now “Idaho Horsemen” are back for the 2021 season! The Horsemen went 13-0 and were the league champions in 2019. I have yet to make it to a Horsemen game, so I decided to jump in this year, and bought my season tickets! And if you’re wondering just how popular “arena” football is here, the two lower (best) sections at the Ford Idaho Center are sold out! I’m looking forward to being at each of the 6 home games starting May 8, and running through July 10 for the regular season. ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

I just ordered my copy on vinyl…

It’s gone down as one of Lynyrd Skynyrd’s greatest performances, the original lineup in front of an estimated crowd of between 150,000 and 200,000 at Knebworth Park in England…August 21, 1976. One of my favorite albums in my vinyl collection is “Gold & Platinum”, but I get the feeling this one is going to top that. I just ordered the 2 Lp set which comes with the DVD, and Lynyrd Skynyrd “Live at Knebworth” is now out on multiple formats, including Blu-Ray/DVD…and you can win the DVD all this coming week (April 12-16) during Name That Movie with Forrest around 4:30pm. I’m so looking forward to putting this on the turntable, and spending a evening watching the DVD! This video is the trailer of just some of what you can expect on this new release! Click on my name for more of my blogs!  ~ Ron O’




Talk about a clashing mash up!

No, we don’t play either of the artists that make up this “mash up”, but I thought it was pretty damn funny, and well done! And talk about a weird combo…Megadeth and The Jackson 5! Megadeth’s “Sweating Bullets” and The Jackson’s “Rockin’ Robin”…I had to laugh. ~ Ron O’


A tribute to EVH, and they do it SO very well!

Steel Panther recently released two videos as a tribute to Eddie Van Halen, and they absolutely are spot on! But then again they have no excuses for NOT nearly playing and singing these two note for note. You see, two of the band members, singer Michael Starr (Ralph Saenz) and guitarist Satchel (Russ Parrish) were once members of a tribute band called Atomic Punks…the title of a Van Halen tune from Van Halen’s debut album. WELL done glam rockers! ~ Ron O’


It never gets old…

While she might look a bit different, and by NO means in a bad way (wow)…yes, this is THE April Rose, when she appeared in the 2013 movie “Grown Ups 2”. Not only sexy, but a hilarious scene as well…you’re welcome. Ron O’

Ron O'

Possibly the greatest guitar jam!?

There have been numerous times when we’ve had some amazing all-star line ups for rock events…and while this might not be #1, it’s right up there! It’s THE one good thing about the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame…for the most part, the music usually is fantastic! This line-up is from 2009 when it was guitar heaven, and one of my favorite rock tunes in “Train Kept A Rollin”! How do you beat Metallica, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Ron Wood, Joe Perry, and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)! ~ Ron O’


Could you use a good laugh!?

When it comes to comedians, I personally don’t know ANYONE who doesn’t enjoy some Gabriel Iglesias!! And this is one of many hilarious bits from “fluffy”…and I’m betting some of you have experienced this nearly spot-on! ~ Ron O’


Wayne & Garth return!

So, this is apparently just a “tease” for what will be a longer commercial during the “big bowl”, as they two characters put it. I’m guessing there may be a few different ads, featuring Wayne & Garth. Rock on dudes! ~ Ron


Another great mash-up!

What do you get when you mix up some Metallica with Huey Lewis & The News…why, “Hip To Be the Sandman” of course! Another well done mash-up! ~ Ron O’


If you’re a regular viewer of the History Channel’s “Pawn Stars” you most likely saw this episode…I never did! This is just so VERY cool! It runs just over 6 minutes…WELL worth the look! ~ Ron O’


Two guitar greats we lost

Unless you’re a deep classic rock listener, or perhaps a guitar player, you may not know just how great Leslie West was. West was a founding member, guitarist and co-lead vocalist of Mountain (formed in 69′), who had their biggest success with “Mississippi Queen”. Leslie West just passed before Christmas at the age of 75, just two months after guitar legend Eddie Valen died (Oct 6). West, like many rock stars had some major issues with drug addiction…and at one point had given up guitar playing altogether. It was when Van Halen was opening for Journey, that Neal Schon told Leslie to come hear Eddie…as Neil put it, “this kid plays guitar like an organ…”. After seeing Eddie play at a show, West said he was impressed like he was when he’d seen Eric Clapton…and seeing Eddie, influenced Leslie West to pick up his guitar once again. West joined Van Halen (w/Sammy Hagar) on stage in August 1995 at the Jones Beach Theater in Wantagh, N.Y., doing Mississippi Queen, as seen in the first video here. As recently as 2013 Leslie West joined Peter Frampton for the same tune, and shared a bit of their connection (LANGUAGE WARNING on this video). R.I.P. Leslie West and Eddie Van Halen. ~ Ron 


Gator golf’n…

What’s the worst thing that could happen, really!? Out for a great day of golf, and your ball ends up on the tail of a gator…no problem, you get a free drop…or you just go for it, and retrieve your ball! ~ Ron O’


Tis the season…

You can’t see this in person here in Idaho…it’s a home in North Carolina, but MAN, they did this up right! An awesome mix of lights synced to Randy Bachman doing “Takin’ Care of Christmas”…enjoy! ~ Ron O’


TSO, they are AMAZING…

While they can’t be here live this year, I would seriously encourage you to get in on the live streaming event coming up on the 18th, 6pm our time! Fortunately last year, I did get to attend in person, and it was nothing less than AMAZING, as they always are! And I’m not afraid to admit, I have a HUGE crush on the beautiful and EXTREMELY talented Chloe Lowry…there is just something about her…primarily her voice, that actually gives me goosebumps! Anyway…here are some videos for your enjoyment…the first, one I shot from last year’s show, and the second from the Denver show last year, just days before the Ford Idaho Center show. I had shot the video here, up front and center…but I somehow managed to delete it from my files! I’ll be getting in on the live streaming event on the 18th…and yes, I know it’s not quite the same as actually being there in person, but stream it on your big screen, sit back and you WILL enjoy! And it’s a great way to support TSO, who’s been so VERY good about coming here to the Treasure Valley nearly every year, to put on a great show for us! Click on my name for more blogs…and thanks!  ~ Ron O’


Angus Young gets emotional

In this recent interview from 60 Minutes Australia, Angus Young and Brian Johnson talk about Ac/Dc returning, and Angus talks about the period of time when his brother Malcolm was suffering from dementia, and his passing. You’re used to seeing Angus up there rock’n, but this shows a bit of his personal side. ~ Ron O’


Another little taste of Ac/Dc

It’s new, “Realize”, the second song to be released from the upcoming new album…and yes…it’s pure Ac/Dc, but great to hear the guys back, and looking forward to hearing the rest of “Power UP”! ~ Ron O’


We don’t do politics here…but,

I think most of us have seen the NFL “bad lip reading” episodes in the past, which are always entertaining. Well now, we have the 2020 Presidential Debate version for your listening pleasure. I have to say, if this doesn’t at least give you a little laugh…you might want to check your human meter, lol. ~ Ron O’


And yet another show is a NO GO…

It was September of 2019 when Black Jacket Symphony played the Egyptian in Boise…perhaps you were there. It was a night of Pink Floyd, with the performance of “Dark Side of The Moon”, in it’s entirety, note-for-note, then other Pink Floyd greats…what a night. It was my first exposure to this amazing group of musicians, and they just nailed it. There are actually a huge number of musicians that do different album performances around the country, and at the Pink Floyd show the group promoted that they would be performing Led Zeppelin IV in Nampa, November 1 of 2020, and offered tickets…which I dove into without hesitation! Just the other day, word came that the show has now been postponed into late 2021…and I am SO BUMMED! But through the magic of modern technology…I bring you Black Jacket Symphony doing “Black Dog”, enjoy…as will I. ~ Ron O’


A great interview with EVH…

By now you may have heard the story…Wolfgang and Eddie’s family talking about going through the archives of Eddie’s 5150 Studio. Well, in this 1998 interview, Eddie talks about (and you’ll see) the massive collection of tapes, and how the contents had at one time been cataloged on a computer….only to have the hard drive crash. Eddie talks about how “someday” someone’s going to have to go through each tape to know what’s on them. HOPEFULLY since this 98′ interview, Eddie did just that. And an up-close look at the Frankenstein guitar, Eddie talking about how he created it…and plenty more…a great interview piece! RIP EVH ~ Ron O’

Remembering Tom Petty

October 2 marks three years since we lost a true music legend in Tom Petty. Here are two partial video’s from his show on August 5 of 2014 at what was then Taco Bell Arena. It was a great night…with Steve Winwood opening. ~ Ron O’

Ron O'


Check it out my friends…here’s the “tease” trailer for the NEW Ac/Dc single…and check out the bands website. YES…Here we go! ~ Ron

Ron O'

Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne…

He was a part of Uriah Heep’s classic-era lineup as the drummer on great tunes like “Easy Livin” and “Stealin”, a number of albums and tours…and went on to drum for Ozzy Osbourne on the first two solo albums, after Ozzy departed from Black Sabbath…”Diary of A Madman”, and “Blizzard of Ozz”, as well as touring. Drummer Lee Kerslake passed away recently at the age of 73, after fighting cancer for 5 years. Enjoy these “live” videos of Uriah Heep and some Ozzy…R.I.P. Lee  ~ Ron O’


1000 Strong!

A band playing a song is one thing…quite simple. But take a total of 1000 musicians and vocalists together and play in-sync with each other…that can’t be an easy task! Enjoy, AC/DC…1000 strong! ~ Ron O’

Ron O' pool

A fishing video with AMAZING scenery!

As I head out on vacation, I thought I’d leave you with a “here’s to summer” video! And I know a lot of you love to fish…and you love the scenery of the great outdoors! SO, here’s a video with plenty of both…with some secondary AMAZING “scenery” included. And for more of my blogs, click on my name.  ~ Ron O’

Ron O' pool

Rare Ac/Dc concert footage!

This Saturday (July 25) marks the 40th anniversary of the “Back In Black” album from Ac/Dc…the first album with Brian Johnson on lead vocals, following the death of Bon Scott. The bands official website, has been updated FOR THE FIRST TIME since the death of Malcolm Young! It is showing new merchandise for the celebration of the “Back In Black” Lp 40th Anniversary. Below you can watch the rare live video from a Tokyo show in 1981 of “What Do You Do for Money Honey” as the band has uploaded this to their official Youtube channel…as well as “You Shook Me All Night Long”. With the band offering up new merchandise via their website…but NO new word on a new album etc., some Ac/Dc fans have expressed their dis-pleasure with the band. But hey, maybe the guys need to make some money off of merchandise to finance a tour!?  HAH, yah right! But perhaps this is all yet another big “tease” in getting closer to some new music and a tour for the guys…once we get out of the whole COVID-19 crap! ~ Ron O’



Ron O and Rock Girls

Some good stuff on the way!

T-Rex is one of the inductees for the 2020 Class of the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame, so it’s fitting that a tribute is on the way for the late Marc Bolan, the founder and lead singer/song writer of T-Rex. And it was this month (July) in 1967 that the band was formed. A tribute to Marc Bolan is coming out September 4 called AngelHeaded Hipster: The Songs Of Marc Bolan and T. Rex. This “tease” video for “Jeepster” done by Joan Jett is probably just the first of a few that will be released prior to the album coming in the fall. Todd Rundgren covers the song “Planet Queen”, and one I’m really interested in hearing is U2 with Elton John doing T-Rex’s biggest song “Bang A Gong (Get It On)! Sons of the late John Lennon, Sean and Julian Lennon also appear on two songs. ~ Ron O’ 

Ron O'

I’d never heard of this guy before…

I’ve always appreciated the talent of ventriloquist’s…the likes of Jeff Dunham, and the young star Darci Lynne. But I’d never heard of Terry Fator before, and WOW this is amazing! Speaking is one thing, but being able to sing, and do BOTH parts, well…that is another thing. Enjoy…I think you’ll be amazed, like I am!  ~ Ron 

Ron O' pool

Can’t wait to get a taste of this!

We still have a while to wait, but when it comes out, it’s going to be tasty!  September 4 is the release date for the Rollings Stones expanded version of “Goats Head Soup”! And the guys are adding three previously unreleased tunes, including a track called “Scarlet” that features Jimmy Page on guitar, and Rick Grech of Blind Faith on bass! The deluxe two-disc CD and vinyl editions of the 1973 album will include 10 rarities and alternative mixes as well. And a vinyl edition of Goats Head Soup features an alternate early version of the album’s art cover…that will be available exclusively at the stones website. While we await the full release, we do get a tease…check out the song/video of the previously unreleased “Criss Cross”…and guys, I’m sure you’ll enjoy viewing Guindilla Ontanaya…the star of the video, oh my!  ~ Ron O’




Ron O and Rock Girls

Like a scene out of Close Encounters!

They look quite ominous, and if you’ve ever been near one, they can seem pretty scary…but they actually they pack more “bark than bite”. Well at least the cloud formation itself…called a “shelf cloud”. But you can bet when something like this forms, there’s almost always some power thunderstorms in the mix. This video of a giant shelf cloud was shot in Clovis New Mexico. ~ Ron O’


Ron O' pool

Definitely an ADD for the collection…

Other than going to live concerts, I do enjoy my collection of concert DVDs and Blu-rays! Just watching this clip, I can tell the offering from Roger Water’s this fall will be a good one! Roger Waters “Us + Them” will be out October 2 of this year on DVD, Blu-ray, double CD and TRIPLE Vinyl editions. While I have been collecting vinyl, there are just certain artists where you’ve got to have the visual, and that’s the case with this one! The concert movie is from Water’s sold out tour of 2017-18… a total of 156 shows to 2.3 million people around the world. It will feature classics from The Dark Side of the Moon, The Wall, Animals [and] Wish You Were Here, as well as his most recent album, Is This The Life We Really Want? This clip from the upcoming release is less than 7 minutes, but the full DVD/Blu-ray features 23 tracks plus bonus footage. ~ Ron O’


Where’s Waldo?

Remember the kid who played Waldo in Van Halen’s video of “Hot for Teacher” (yah, I figured so). Well, he’s back…and made his own creation of the 1984 Classic, with a little name change up…”Hot For Waldo”. Pretty funny…but yes, I’m guessing you’re with me in saying that we will NEVER forget the babe in the original…how could you!! ~ Ron


A strange combination for sure…

No, we don’t play Rage Against The Machine, and HELL no we aren’t playing any Bee Gee’s! But, I’m a fan of great “mash-ups”…and this is one of em! ~ Ron O’


Stay calm, stay calm…

Check out this video from Northern Italy…as a family was hiking in the mountains, and a “curious” brown bear is stalking the families 12 year old boy! He stayed calm…and while the language is Italian, I can image some of what was being said! Fortunately the boy (and parents) stayed calm…but I’m wondering if that bag he’s holding contained some kind of food!? If that was the case, I’d had flung it, and let “Yogi” have my treats! ~ Ron 

Ron O'

Fight Challenge!

It’s called “Boss Bitch Challenge”, and features a bunch of famous women…beating the crap out of each other! OK, not for real…but this was put together VERY well. Worth a few minutes of your “quarantine” time for sure! Check out the likes of Drew Barrymore, Scarlett Johansson, Daryl Hannah, Rosario Dawson, Cameron Diaz, Renee Elise Goldsberry, Florence Pugh, Margot Robbie and others, goin’ at it!  ~ Ron O’


Now this is how you cover Ac/Dc!

Like many other artists or groups, Sammy Hagar and The Circle have been doing a series of “lockdown” jam sessions via youtube etc.recently…and this one is yet another great one! Sammy of course on lead, the amazing guitarist Vic Johnson, Michael Anthony on Bass, and Jason Bonham (son of the legendary John Bonham) on drums. Enjoy this great rock cover! ~ Ron O’