Ann Wilson w/Gov’t Mule

Ann Wilson joined Gov’t Mule recently for one night of the bands 3 night stay in New Haven Ct. Now that is a show I wish I could have been at…especially coming off the whole “no-concerts” scenario during Covid! But we do have some decent video to share of just some of the AMAZING tunes that Ann and the band performed. The night included a number of Led Zeppelin covers (all done amazingly well, I might add!), Tom Petty’s “Luna”, and Heart’s “Magic Man”. Along with some of their original material of course…Gov’t Mule had also done numerous covers the previous two nights, the likes of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, and of course, The Allman Brothers Band. Gov’t Mule did a show here in Boise a few years ago, which I missed. Next time I get a chance, I WON’T miss one of their show! Enjoy a few of the videos below. ~ Ron O’