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I love me some Seafood Fettuccine! And I guess when it comes to music, I’m the same…give me a good mix…portions of Led Zeppelin to U2, and stir in a big assortment of others (even outside of rock). You’ll find me at the gym, on a mountain bike, or hiking…when I get time away from work, which includes driving limousines part time. Biggest “stars” I’ve driven….Keith Richards and Ron Woods, and country artist Reba McEntire (all during my years in Portland OR).


Foreigner reunion show!

One of this summers tours includes Foreigner on the road with Whitesnake (through August 1), and while Foreigner has a great lead signer in Kelly Hansen (since 2005), the only original member in the current line-up is Mick Jones.
Over the past few years, the surviving original members of Foreigner, including Lou Graham have, on-occasion, dropped in for some surprise guest type appearances at a show here and there, most recently back in October. But now, all of the surviving original members of the band will reunite for what’s being called “Foreigners first ever ticketed reunion concert”. It goes down at the huge Buffalo Chip Rally in Sturgis August 4th. By the way, other bands performing during the week-long event include Lynyrd Skynyrd, Queensryche, Marshall Tucker Band, John Kay and Steppenwolf, Kid Rock and more. Here’s the official video announcement on the Foreigner event from Mick Jones and Kelly Hansen. ~ Ron O’

Ron O'

WAIT…what just happened!!?

Ok, first let me preface this video:  You don’t cover a tune like Led Zeppelin’s “Stairway To Heaven” unless you can ABSOLUTELY nail it…like Heart did at the Kennedy Center Honor’s in December of 2012! It is without a doubt (in my opinion) one of the greatest ever in regards to a live cover of a legendary song! If by chance you haven’t seen that video, you can watch it HERE

NOW…if you had a Monday this week like I had, you could probably use a good laugh, and I DARE you (no, TRIPLE dog-dare you) to keep a straight face, or not shoot milk out your nose as you watch this take on that same video!! And PLEASE, don’t go sending me hate mail or posting things to my Facebook saying I’m being “insensitive” etc…it’s damn funny, so “lighten up Francis”! Go FULL SCREEN for best effect.


New music..from a music legend!

He turns 76 this coming Monday (June 18th)…and there’s no slowing down Sir Paul McCartney! The music legend, and one of the two surviving Beatles, has said a new album is set for release (could be within just days), but McCartney showed up at the “Philharmonic Pub” in Liverpool June 9th for a surprise performance, which included this new tune called “Come Home To You”, the first live/public performance. From even this rough/fairly poor quality video (you’ll need to get through the friendly banter with fans) , it’s enough to get me intrigued to hear the full new album. The new album marks his 17th solo studio LP, and the first in 5 years, since 2013’s “New”. ~ Ron 


Screw up’s in rock tunes

We’ve ALL had those instances when we realized we’ve been singing the wrong lyrics to some of our favorite rock tunes, but don’t feel bad..the artists themselves have screwed up, from not remembering lyrics to actually swearing in the background…or you might hear some laughter and wonder, was that meant to be in the song, and what prompted it!? I’ll admit, most of these “goofs” I never knew about…other than the one from Van Halen in “Every Body Wants Some”. Click HERE for the full story and video/audio examples of each one. And below, the “glitch” in the Police tune Roxanne (just 4 seconds into the song)…I never gave it a second thought that the brief piano plink and laughter wasn’t part of the song…well, wasn’t suppose to be anyway, lol. Sting went to sit down at a nearby piano in the studio and didn’t realize the lid was up, hit the keys briefly…and then laughs. ~ Ron 




IHOP says they’re changing to IHOB

IF they’re actually changing the name, I’m thinking perhaps they’re going into competition with those assorted “breastraunts” out there! If that’s the case, they’ll be the “International House of Boobs”! ~ Ron 

Ron O'

Filming for the Top Gun sequel has begun!

I have not been a fan of any of the past Tom Cruise “Mission Impossible” films, but this is one I will get in on for sure…the follow up to the 1986 sensational “Top Gun”! Filming has begun on the sequel. Tom Cruise posted a picture this last week on Twitter (seen below), and was seen riding a motorcycle at Naval Air Station North Island in Coronado California. And we all recall the original line from Top Gun of “I feel the need, the need for speed”. The caption on the photo “Feel the need” prompted a little spar between the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy on Twitter…all in good fun of course. You can read the full article and tweet battle (courtesy of The San Diego Union Tribune)Tom Cruise pic tweet details by clicking HERE






Summer is “officially” here…

Memorial Day weekend is what most consider the “kickoff” of summer…and here comes plenty of bbq’s, fun in the sun, and the summer concert season!! We have some AWESOME shows coming to the Treasure Valley, some of which your friends here at the Eagle are glad to “present”…check the concert tab at for the full scoop. There are a few shows that aren’t hitting the valley, two that come to mind that I would really like to take in are, Paul Rodgers with Jeff Beck doing a co-headlining tour, with Ann Wilson opening each night. The other is Cheap Trick with the original line-up of Poison…both groups I’ve never seen in concert. I’m set for the Journey/Def Leppard show here…and wish Cheap Trick was part of that show…as they are joining the Journey and Def Leppard tour on select dates later this year, and will close out the year touring Australia, New Zealand and the U.K. with Def Leppard. To coincide with Cheap Trick kicking off the tour, they just released a new single called “The Summer Looks Good On You”, which you can hear in this lyric video. Here’s to an AWESOME summer! ~ Ron 


Ron O'

My “claim to fame”…

The exact year I don’t recall, but it was the mid-80’s for sure…and while I don’t recall that detail, I do very vividly recall the instance when I go kicked out of a very famous superstar’s dressing room…by the very man himself. I won’t go into much detail, but let’s just say there was a combination of alcohol, and at that time a very popular substance that would induce one to talk A LOT. It was a benefit concert in Seattle for Vietnam Vets, in a small theatre…I don’t recall the name, but again, I recall the incident quite vividly. Bonnie Raitt and the legendary Jackson Browne where the main performers that night. I was with a record rep and we were back stage, and I had the opportunity to meet Jackson Browne, under very abnormal circumstances…no security etc. I sat and chatted with the man in his dressing room (a very small room, the whole lighted mirror etc), and I told him about my oldest Brother who’d served in Vietnam and how I very much appreciated what he and Bonnie were doing that night etc. Yes…the “etc” is what got my in trouble…as I rambled on and on and on about various things, of which I don’t really recall…but I vividly remember what happened soon after. No need to call for security, but having told me “Ron I have to get ready now”…and I rambled another minute or so…Jackson Browne stated…RON, it’s been great talking, but you need to go now”. Kicked out by the man him self…lol, I totally deserved it…surprised he didn’t just get up and grab me by my then big head of hair, and toss me from the dressing room!! With his concert coming July 20th at the Idaho Botanical Garden, I thought about trying to arrange a “meet and greet”…but then I thought no…I doubt he’d be much amused if I brought up that embarrassing instance…not that he’d in anyway remember it, like I do. Here’s to a legendary artist in music history period…and I plan on making the show this summer. Enjoy a little “Doctor My Eyes” live… ~ Ron 


It’s week #2…and this band brings it!

It’s week two of Eagle ROCK NIGHT’S at the Buffalo Club…and man, do we have a band! Going into last week I’d never met or heard these guys, but I (and everyone there) was pleasantly surprised! Below is just one video clip of the guys, and believe me if you like a quality band, you’ve got to come out and hear them! Thursday nights, I’ll be there and the band starts right about 9:00 and no cover charge! We’ll have one of the Eagle Rock Girls on hand as well, and oh yah…YOU have the opportunity to RENAME the band (as of now they’re the “The Nameless Ones”) and win a prize package besides, so come join the fun! Click HERE for a link to my Facebook page for more pics n’ clips!  ~ Ron 


So…this Zebra, Donkra and a Zorse…

I spent Mother’s Day with family, and we made a visit to Babby Farms, located north of Middleton and West of Emmett…it’s basically an exotic petting zoo. I’d never been, and while it’s not somewhere I’d take a date…the kids love it. They do have a wide range of animals, some you can get right up to in their pens (Kangaroo’s, sheep, goats), most you can pet and or feed as well. Here are some of what I found the most interesting (click on each pic for a larger view)…a Zebra (not often you get to pet one), then a Donkra…yep, mix between a Donkey and Zebra…and then the Zorse, a mix between a Zebra and Horse. After seeing those mixed breeds, I starting thinking of some of my own…how about crossing a Camel and Jack-Ass…you’d have a Camass! Or maybe a Hippo and Cow, for a Hipcow. This might be tough to do, but let’s go with a Kangaroo and a Fox…a Kangafox!  OK, I’m obviously tired…goodnight. ~ Ron


Come join me for EAGLE ROCK NIGHT!

In the words of Ac/Dc…”Hail hail to the good times”! It’s time to ROCK my friends, come join me this Thursday (May10) as we kick off Eagle ROCK Nights at the Buffalo Club! Yes, the valley’s premier country hot spot is kicking things up a notch EVERY Thursday night with 96.9 The Eagle and ROCK night! It’s rock music for your dancing fun…and I’ll be there starting at 8:00 and the Buffalo Club will have some drink specials, we’ll have some contests going, including your chance to RENAME the band that will be playing each Thursday night starting at 9! And we’ll have one of the Eagle Rock Girls there every week as well! So, start your weekend early this (and every) Thursday night with me and the great staff at the Buffalo Club, on Fairview just east of Five Mile! For those about to rock…we salute YOU~ Ron 

Ron O'

Yep…it was what we thought it was!

There was quite the tease over the past week or two from Guns N’ Roses, with posters showing up in London, and even Billboards elsewhere around the world! Many started thinking that just MAYBE, there was a full on reunion tour in the making with the ORIGINAL GnR line-up of Axl Rose, Slash, Duff, Izzy Stradlin and Steven Adler. But those “in the know”, including our own afternoon talent Forrest, knew better. You see, Izzy Stradlin had stated NUMEROUS times he’s just “done” with the fame etc. He had said he might do a single gig here and there etc., but just has absolutely NO interest in “being in a band” anymore. And then Steven Adler has had his life-long battle with drugs…and in a BIG way, causing him to be kicked out of the band, and even having a drug induced stroke.

So, what WAS the hype all about recently…a pretty massive boxed set titled “Appetite for Destruction: Locked and Loaded”! It will include 25 unreleased demos recorded during a 1986 session at Sound City, plus two tracks cut during other sessions. The reissue will also include the original 1987 album remastered from the original stereo analog tapes, and 12 remastered tracks taken from of-era EPs and b-sides. Check out the video from the band for an “over view” of the set, or click HERE for the entire story, and the full track listing etc.

Oh yah, and start counting your piggy bank kids…the FULL “Locked and Loaded Edition” will set you back a mere $999…although you can snag the “Super Deluxe Edition” for just $179.





Oh yikes…this is NOT good!

Ozzy Osbourne kicked off his final solo tour this past weekend in Jacksonville…and not that I expected an awesome performance, but this was truly, painfully BAD! And no, it wasn’t just this opening song. It’s pretty obvious, Ozzy should have just bowed out after that final tour with Black Sabbath. This was his opening “song”, so there is a 2:00 intro…before the disaster starts.



It’s Toyger time…

Ok, I’m really not much of a domestic cat guy, but man do I LOVE Tigers! I’ve always thought how cool would it be to have a pet Tiger…well that of course is never going to happen. But then I thought hey, maybe there’s such a thing as a “mini-Tiger”…you know, like mini horses. Well, sure enough, as close as I’m going to get to a real one…there’s a breed called the “Toyger”. And the good news is, they’re a really friendly cat…no worries that the thing is going to try and eat me in the middle of the night. They look, and even walk like a real Tiger and don’t require hundreds of pounds of meat each month…normal cat food does the trick. And another cool thing about getting a “Toyger”, a lot of breeders donate a portion of the cost to actual Tiger preservation charities! So what’s the bad news…well, the cost for a Toyger kitten can range from around $500 (not so bad)…to a whopping $2,000! So, now I just have to explore the “funding” options…a “go fund me” page perhaps!?  ~ Ron




My flight in a legendary B-17 “Flying Fortress”!

The Liberty Foundation’s 2018 “Salute To Veterans” has brought a legendary aircraft to Boise…The “Madras Maiden”, a B-17 “Flying Fortress. It’s one of just 12 B-17’s in the world that are still flying today! Flying around in a single engine Cessna 172 during my 21 years as an Airborne Traffic Reporter was great, but being able to actually go up in this legendary plane was really something!  This weekend (April 21/22) you can get up close and even tour inside this iconic airplane, and tours are free. Now if you want the awesome experience of actually flying over Boise, you’ll need to bring along some cash…$450, for a 45 minutes experience, which includes about 30 minutes of flying. Ray Fowler is a volunteer and Chief Pilot of the Liberty Foundation, and says while that sounds expensive…but a B-17 cost is over $5,000 per flight hour, and the Liberty Foundation spends over $1,500,000 annually to keep the B-17 airworthy and out on tour…rather than it sitting in one museum somewhere! Plenty of people want this nearly “once in a lifetime” opportunity to actually fly in one these bad boys from WWII…as of Wednesday, there were already 80 people signed up for this weekends flights! Enjoy the pics (videos on my Facebook page), and hopefully you can get out to see the “Madras Maiden” up close! Flights will run on the hour from 10am to 2pm Saturday & Sunday, and FREE tour times are 2:30pm to sunset both days…at the Jackson Jet Center. 



Time for me to FLY !!

Having been an airborne traffic reporter for radio and TV stations for 21 years, I’m plenty comfortable being up in the air…in a small aircraft (Cessna 172) or helicopter, but Monday, I have the pleasure of getting back in the air, flying over Boise in a legendary B-17 Flying Fortress!! The Liberty Foundation began their 2018 Salute to Veterans tour at the end of March, touring the United States with the B-17 “Madras Maiden” formerly known as “Chuckie“. This B-17, built in 1944, has never toured or been available to the public for flight experiences!  And this next weekend (April 21/22) the public will be able to visit this legendary bomber from WWII, meet and talk with the amazing veterans from the era, and even go for a flight! I’ll be posting a follow-up blog following my flight, with pictures and a (most likely pretty noisey) video. For more on the B-17 “Madras Maiden” and how you can take to the skies as well, here is the link to their site:


WHOA! Lindsey Buckingham is OUT of Fleetwood Mac!

No, it’s not a late April fools joke my friends…not only is it being reported that Lindsey Buckingham is no longer with the band Fleetwood Mac…the band has confirmed it, and in a statement, said he won’t be on the upcoming tour (yes, they’re in rehearsals)! Two guitarists will take over the slot of the legendary Buckingham, Mike Campbell of The Heartbreakers, and Neil Finn of Crowded House. Click HERE for the full scoop! ~ Ron O’


Techie meets redneck?

You know someone who’s pretty big into computers, high tech…but they’re also a “good ole’ boy”!? Well hey, put their skills to good use! Drag that ole’ Billy Bass out of the garage or attic (or off your wall!?) and get with the technology of 2018, lol!  ~ Ron


So…I have a Grandson on the way…

My little Granddaughter turns 3 in April…and the girl has already got rhythm, but Mom has exposed her to the evil hip-hop n’ pop culture music! I still love to watch her “get in the grove” and do her little dances etc! BUT…I have a Grandson on the way in July…and having seen this video, there’s no doubt “Papa” needs to find a way to expose this little guy to REAL music once he’s born! WAIT…who says I can’t blare it in my car when “Mom” is with me, and he’ll get an early start…YES! I’m sure that this dad must have done that kind of thing before this cute little “rocker” was born!  Smile…and rock on! ~ Ron


To forgive, sometimes you must look back…

So, at the recent NBA “All Star” game, it was Fergie (of the Black Eyed Peas) doing the National Anthem, (you can look it up if you want to experience pain) and to many it was NOT good…myself included. But then, I recalled what IS one of my all-time favorite collaborations! Rewind 8 years to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary Concert (available on DVD by the way)…and what is one of my all time fave live single-song performances…”Gimme Shelter” (and one of my top fave classic rock tunes), which featured the aforementioned Fergie, U2, Mick Jagger and Bruce Springsteen. Not only was she DAMN sexy, she nailed the vocals with Mick…and one of the BIG things I love about this video, no over dubs, no lip syncing…just pure LIVE great rock and roll! And if you watch closely, you can tell…they probably really never rehearsed it! So, I prefer to remember this very sexy and talented Fergie…enjoy! ~ Ron


Gene Simmons replacement!!?

Well, it doesn’t appear that Gene Simmons is “going away”…for some of you, disappointing news, I know. But this kid sure did step in recently, to belt out “Dr. Love”…and Simmons was VERY impressed! On Facebook, Simmons said Brian McCauley basically told Simmons he was showing up at Simmons’ solo performance in Lynn Mass., and was going to sing on stage…and wouldn’t take no for an answer!

We had never met Brian before. We did not rehearse with him,” wrote Simmons. “All we knew was that he was relentless. He called and emailed everybody in the band, as well as the promoter, and then simply barged into my dressing room backstage, and told me he would be on stage to sing ‘Dr. Love.’ In G flat, no less.”

McCauley, nailed it! ~Ron


Something “new” from Greta Van Fleet…?!

Well it’s a “new” one from Greta Van Fleet…but a David Bowie classic, and I think they’ve done an AWESOME job of this tribute to David Bowie, with The Jean Genie! No actual video, but enjoy the tune! ~ Ron 


Not your typical “Cat”…

I am not a “cat” guy…don’t dislike em’, I just don’t care for their “attitudes”, overall. But then again, if it’s a big enough variety…count me in! My absolute favorite animal is…The Bengal TIger, but I’ll take a White Tiger as well. And in this day and age where it seems more and more people are getting some kind of “service” animal…how cool would it be if I had a “service” Tiger…you know, for protection. And if you think a puppy is a woman magnet, imagine walking your Tiger through the park! Here are some real life guys (from many years ago anyway)…just hangin’ with their “cat” Jonas.  ~ Ron


These guys (well, more like “kids”) are NOT a Zeppelin cover band…

Three brothers…Josh,Sam, and Jake Kiska, along with drummer Danny Wagner, make up the band Greta Van Fleet, and man they sound damn good (in my opinion anyway!). If you haven’t heard these guys, close your eyes while you play this video…and you’ll swear you’re listening to some “never before released” Zeppelin tune! Lead singer Josh is just mind blowing, he sounds SO much like a young Robert Plant…it’s haunting! They are all under 21…and no they aren’t a Zeppelin cover band. They are currently on a WORLD tour, and selling out venues of good size nearly every where they play! Here is one tune for you to enjoy…order their EP for more great tunes! ~ Ron


KISS with…The Commodores?!

You might recall, it was almost this time last year that a great “mashup” came out…it combined Earth Wind and Fire’s “September”, with Ozzy’s “Crazy Train”. Well now, the same genius of DJ Cummerbund has come up with another great mix (or “mashup) of two classics. Here ya go…it’s the KISS classic “Rock n’ Roll All Night” and The Commodores “Easy”…DJ Cummerbund calls it “Reasonable Hour”: ~ Ron



Oh yaaah…take a “Slow Ride”…

The fun guys from Foghat have diversified…into the world of sex! No their not starring in a porn…but rather their own branded condoms! Their named after the bands signature tune “Slow Ride” from 75’…and the band says they’re designed to help fans continue to enjoy the song safely. And of course…just in time for Valentine’s Day! The band noted that the condoms “are ready to rock any time you are.” Doubt you’ll find them in a dispenser at your local handout, or for now on the shelf at your favorite drug store…but you can grab a 6-pack for $15 at  ~ Ron


A special pre-Valentine’s Day gift to our fans…Take a ‘safe’ SLOW RIDE with the one you love….introducing ‘Slow Ride…

Posted by Foghat on Thursday, January 25, 2018


Yet another group is saying “Farewell”…

Well, the time has come for yet another LEGENDARY classic rock band to ride off into the sunset. Lynyrd Skynyrd have just announced a final tour, the “Last of the Street Survivors Farewell Tour”. The tour kicked off May 4 in West Palm Beach Florida, and wraps up in Atlanta on September 1st. SO FAR, there’s no date scheduled for Boise, but it sure looks like the initial dates are just the “first leg” of this “final” tour. The closest shows announced so far would be in California…hard to imagine they wouldn’t play somewhere in the Northwest! During the course of the tour, a number of other artists and bands will join the guys, including Bad Company, 38 Special, Charlie Daniels Band, Kid Rock, Marshall Tucker Band and more. And there will be a new single released, called “The Last of the Street Survivors”. Tickets go on sale to the general public on Feb 2nd at 10am through

Here’s one of my top fave Skynyrd tunes…”Tuesday’s Gone”  ~ Ron


Joe Perry show at the Roxy…and MAYBE…

Joe Perry’s new solo album “Sweetzerland Manifesto”  is out (as of the 19th), and to kick it off, he did quite the star studded concert Tuesday night at the Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles. Now while I’m still “researching”…the concert ending MAY have had a tie to Boise! Here goes my bad case of “premature evaluation” once again, but bear with me for a minute. The set list was impressive, from Aerosmith classics like “Toys in the Attic” and “Come Together”, to other classics like “Fortunate One” and “Sick and Tired”. Perry was backed by the likes of Slash, Chris Robinson (Black Crowes), Dean and Robert DeLeo of STP, Johnny Depp and others. Gary Cherone (Extreme) had lead vocal duties on the Aerosmith tunes, while Robin Zander, Terry Reid, and David Johansen did vocals for the tunes they sang on the new album. The final song of the night was one of my all time favorite Aerosmith tunes…when it’s done RIGHT, “LIVE”…Train Kept A Rollin’! Now here’s the POSSIBLE Boise tie-in…at the end of “Train…” Perry smashed his guitar to pieces. He told Rolling Stone magazine,”Everything was screaming; the amps were going, I didn’t know what else to do. All of a sudden my guitar was in pieces. It was a really a nice guitar, and the guy who made it for me was in the front row. That’s why I’m feeling bad about it. It was not anything I planned. It was just that the energy was overwhelming.” NOW…right here in Boise is the home of BOLIN GUITARS, and John Bolin was one of our fine judges at the Next To Rock finals a few months back. John (and company) have made guitars for NUMEROUS rock superstars…including, yes…JOE PERRY! So…COULD IT have been a “Bolin” guitar that Perry smashed…and might that “guy in the front row” who made the guitar, have been Boise’s own John Bolin!!? Stay tuned for a follow up on this fine piece of “investigative journalism”, lol.  ~ Ron 

And here’s a video of that final tune from the show…”Train Kept a Rollin”…including the guitar smash ending!


Here they come again…

You’ve probably heard the news about Whitesnake touring this year with Foreigner, and Jason Bonhams “Led Zeppelin Evening”, but now on the way is “The Purple Tour: Live”! This was material recorded live during the 2015 tour in support of the Deep Purple-focused “Purple Album”. This will be out January 19th, on double-LP, single CD, digital, CD/DVD and CD/Blu-ray. It is LOADED with all kinds of bonus material, including a number of Whitesnake tunes…and concert footage mixed to 5.1 surround sound.

Here is  the newly released video to “Burn”, a hot new take from the 1974 album.  ~ Ron 



Over the past few years people have come up with all kinds of fun and crazy ways of introducing Elf On A Shelf to their kiddo’s. Well, while this “Santa” had great intentions…this turned out to be one BAD SANTA way of trying to deliver an Elf on a shelf! George Krokus was dressed as Santa Claus…and made a not so “grand entrance” as he attempted to deliver the Elf to a 9-year old girl during a skydive, to deliver toys to the Tampa Bay Beach Bums “Operation Santa Charity Volleyball Tournament” in Florida. While it’s a little tough to see, not only did “Santa” hit this tree…but he managed to clip the light pole, and suffered a broken leg. Some kids may be a bit traumatized when it comes to just sitting on the jolly ole’ dudes lap…but imagine the kids there watching “Santa” do a face plant into the tree, pole and beach! So parents, don’t try to get overly creative this Christmas season with that Elf on a shelf thing…

~ HO HO HO  Ron O’





Adventure CrAzY times TEN!

OK, look…I am by no means a wuss when it comes to “adventure” (well maybe a little less than 20 yrs ago,lol)…but there are just certain points where you’ve got to draw the line! Unless of course, you have a death wish! You’ve most likely seen guys jumping off cliffs, and soaring through canyon’s etc., in these so called “wing suits”, and perhaps you’ve also seen some of the FAILS…if not, check those out too! Now Red Bull has come up with even yet another crazy extreme…and it makes me wonder, what the hell will be next!!? Right when you think some guys have gone really extreme when it comes to adventure, it gets topped. For me…fun to watch, but hell no…I won’t go!  ~ Ron O’


R.I.P. Malcolm Young

He was the co-founder of AC/DC (with brother Angus), starting the band 44 years ago this month…November of 73, and rock music took a turn for the better in the years to come. While his brother Angus, and Bon Scott/Brian Johnson would “stand out” more over the bands history, it truly was Malcolm who was the driving force of the band. As the bands rhythm guitarist, Malcolm was highly instrumental in co-writing songs, and developing the amazing guitar riffs that “made” AC/DC. Other than a short departure from AC/DC in 1988, Malcolm was there from 1973 until September of 2014…through 17 studio albums, and numerous HUGE tours. Malcolm became very ill in April of 2014 and shortly after the band announced he would no longer be with the band…Malcolm’s nephew, Stevie Young then stepped in and finished the “Rock or Bust” tour.

It was a sad day when we learned about Malcolm’s failing health in 2014, but now with his passing, it really sinks in…AC/DC will never be the same, but thanks to classic rock formats like THE EAGLE, Malcolm and the bands legendary status will live on, for fans everywhere to enjoy!  ~ RON O’


Less than a month out!

I know…you either love em’, or hate em’, but these guys just keep on rocking!  It’s year 41 for U2, my favorite band (Zeppelin a very close second)…so, why do I like this band so much, aside from their music (and amazing concerts!)…Longevity is part of it! ALL original members from day one, NEVER has a member even left the band and returned etc. And to my knowledge not once has this band ever had an issue with drug or alcohol abuse issues, not run in with the laws etc!  That’s a RARE feet in rock music for over 40 years! DEC 1 it’s yet another album coming out “Songs Of Experience”, the follow up to the bands 13th studio album in September of 2014, “Songs Of Innocence”…and the new tour kicks off May 2nd and runs through June, at least for now…but I can’t imagine that will be it, knowing these guys there’s bound to be more dates announced. And I SURE hope that’s the case, because due to “contractual” commitments with the radio station, I most likely won’t make it to any of these first shows! I last saw U2 twice on the Vertigo tour…the Seattle show, and then again in Portland, and both were amazing…and I have got to catch the guys at least one more time. But, at the rate they’re going, hell…their “farewell tour” may be years away!  ~ Ron



Bob Seger issues…

Glad to hear Bob Seger is recovering well from his recent neck surgery! I bought my tickets for his show originally scheduled for early November, so I’m anxious for news on the new date for sure! Now in regards to his “vertebrae” issue, which accounts are calling a “pinched nerve” in his neck…well, it was obviously a bit more complicated than that…I speak from some experience in that department. I’ve suffered from two bulged discs in my low back on-off since 2003, had surgery once and have gone through physical therapy a few different times over the years for recurring flare ups, even in the past few weeks. I also have a “bulged disc” in my neck…aka pinched nerve, and some other out of the norm issues in regards to my neck area. I’ve met with one of Boise’s top neurosurgeons in regards to both my back and neck, so I’m real familiar with what would require surgery etc. Bob Seger had to be having some pretty severe pain/numbness for a “pinched nerve” to require surgery…especially so suddenly! I’m not a doctor and I don’t even play one on TV, lol…just throwing my two cents out there. Hope Bob fully recovers SOON, and can roll on with this tour…can’t wait to see the man and the Silver Bullet Band again! I haven’t seen him in concert since the mid-80’s, and that was one awesome concert! Heal up soon Bob Seger!   ~ Ron


Prepare for laughter…

Here’s your laugh for the day!

Yah…that would be me, a VERY young Ron O’ (I’m laughing so hard I can barely type this!) This was around 1983 in Cheney Washington, at the Seattle Seahawks training camp…and getting to meet (also a very young) Jim Zorn, the first QB for Seattle. Where the hell did I get that shirt??!  And no, that’s not a wig…a full head (or mop) of naturally curly hair, HAAAA!

You’re welcome… ~ Ron





Oh summer…I miss you already!

Thinking back about some great times this past summer, and what should magically appear on my computer?!  An eye-full of bikini clad ladies on a beach…1,010 to be exact, it was the Guinness World record for a bikini shoot, on a beach in Australia (and I could swear I see our own Lyndsey Marie somewhere in there!).  Now THAT is one beach I’d like to have been on… ~ Ron


New offerings for October!

October will by no means be dull when it comes to a load of material coming out from classic rock artists!  I’ll be busy this month listening to a little of ALL of the goodies coming out! I image some will fall under the “trick” in regards to how good they are…but with my wide range of musical tastes, plenty will be a “TREAT”!  HERE is the full rundown! – Ron


This is ONE body part you DO NOT work on in the gym!

No doubt you’ve heard of and/or seen some pretty crazy, funny or even HORRENDOUS things that (stupid) people have done at their local gym. Well, this has got to be one of the tops! Now this whack n’ hut either thought he actually could improve his size by “lifting” a weight…or perhaps he was showing off to a woman, HA! HERE is the story. or click on the picture below..and what ever you do, do NOT try this at home, the gym or anywhere else, for crying out loud! – Ron


Like a scene out of The Hangover…

I’m a pretty fortunate guy, in having two pretty cool jobs, and people often ask about what things I’ve seen and/or experienced with working in radio and even more so in driving limousines. And until what went down last night, my response has always been, “really not as crazy as people think”. Yes, I’ve met some rock stars via working in radio and driving, and in the past, even had a party experience or two…but NOTHING like what went down last night! I’m not about to share details of course…but lets just say last night was just INSANE! This followed another driver and I doing a two-car (limo and hummer) post-wedding trip to downtown. Even after the first stop downtown, we knew this group was a fun one, when one of the girls smacked a kiss on the other driver, and a very fine 30’s something bridesmaid in my car, gave me a slap on the ass after I’d help her out of the car, then made a comment regarding men with bald heads (of which I’m not repeating here, lol). After dropping the big group off, the groom and others invited us both to join them at their post “downtown party” hotel party (hotel not to be named, but it wasn’t low end by any means), after we’d returned the limo’s. Now, being the polite guys we are, we just couldn’t say no! To shorten things up lets just say this hotel party turned into a mix of that scene from The Hangover, and the hotel party scene from Rock Star. At one point two guys even talked about trying to steal a tiger from the zoo…that of course was quickly shot down, lol…and 3 girls, two of which had been apparently “recruited” at Roddy’s, not even with the wedding group, got into a contest of “who’s are better”, and of course yes…a visit from hotel security later on. Not sure where my tie ended up, but I do recall one of the girls wearing said tie during that “contest”…but hey, I’m not missing a tooth!

It’s 11:00 Sunday morning, I just got home and I now have to go help my buddy go retrieve his car downtown…so much for hitting the gym this morning, as was planned. And some pool time at a friends later today…I’ll be drinking water for sure. I really had good “wholesome” intentions going into this weekend….HAAAA, man did that take a turn, but I’m sure not complaining! Now I have 4 days to reload and head out to the Oregon coast for vacation…life is good, now I think a Bloody Mary may be in order.

And click HERE for the Motely Crue video of one song that stood out from last night, lol….





Welcome to a little of my life, at the “O’Brian Ranch”…

I really enjoy my backyard, hanging out by the fire pit or on the deck, just relaxing…but being on the radio has it’s price, as recently I have a bit of a “stalker”.  I recently went to take a quick selfie, and my nosy neighbor just had to butt in! And he doesn’t even seem to care that it’s obvious that he’s stalking me…not a day goes by that he doesn’t come running across the pasture to get my attention when I’m out back. I gave him an autograph, but that didn’t do the trick…guess I’ll just try to be “neighborly”. His name….”Preston”, well that ‘s what I’ve dubbed him (his ear tag even says “Preston)…a VERY friendly steer, one of my neighbors at the “O’Brian Ranch”.


Summer gradually coming to it’s end…

There have been “super” groups…and then there have been SUPER GROUPS! Well, in my opinion…one of the best (in recent years anyway) has been CHICKENFOOT! I had the pleasure of going to a show in Portland at a pretty small venue, on their initial tour…and MAN, what a night that was (yes, above and beyond the awesome music, lol)! The line-up: Sammy Hagar on lead vocals, the amazing guitar licks of Joe Satriani, Michael Anthony on bass, and Mr Chad Smith (of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums! If you aren’t familiar with Chickenfoot, I’d encourage you to grab the DVD “Chickenfoot, Get Your Buzz On LIVE”…it’s one of my top fave live DVD’s. And you might check out the latest group formed with Sammy as well, “The Circle”, which includes Jason Bonham on drums. Here is the “official” video for one of my fave tunes from Chickenfoot…”Sexy Little Thing”, enjoy! – Ron


Driving a few of the Doobie Brothers

Here on the Eagle page you can see a brief bit about the Doobie Brothers being in McCall this past weekend. I had the pleasure of driving two of the members to McCall on Friday night. Like some of you, yes…I work a second job, I drive limousines (and SUV’s, Town Cars, Vans) for Boise Limousine. The band flew in on various flights Friday and Friday night, I had the pleasure of driving lead singer and founding member Tom Johnston, along with Saxophone extraordinaire Marc Russo, from the Boise Airport to the Shore Lodge in McCall (in one of our nice SUV’s). Typically in the limousine business, when it comes to driving “stars” of any sort, you don’t really strike up or carry on a conversation…unless they initiate things, or ask questions. Tom and Marc were very cool, down to earth guys, and we talked a number of times, and it was interesting to hear some of their conversations regarding “times in the music business” and the like (and no, I can’t share any details, sorry…another part of the limo biz).

People always ask me about driving famous people or “stars”, but most of the business is driving everyday people, and rarely the “rich and famous” (well ok, maybe the rich quite often). In the 6 years I’ve been with Boise Limousine, I’ve driven just a few stars, and in 4 years of driving in Portland OR, pretty much the same. The biggest names (besides Tom and Marc)…Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, former NBA star Jason Kidd (#2 pick in the 94′ draft) making his first visit to the Nike Campus at the time, country star Reba McEntire (with a police motorcycle escort back to the airport following a concert), another country artist Trace Adkins.

Plus John Rhys-Davies, who played Gimli in the Lord of The Rings trilogy, among other movie and voice roles.

This weekend, its back to a birthday party or a wedding etc., and it may be a while before I drive another star, but I do enjoy the limousine driving as a second job…hey, rent one sometime…and perhaps I’ll drive you! – Ron


Why can’t we just leave the damn sharks alone!?

OK, I have a fear of sharks…specifically BIG ASS Great White sharks, and NO I don’t want to even attempt “getting over my fear”. People have said it would be awesome to be inside a “safe” shark cage, and have one of these majestic creatures (damn man eaters!) just swim up, and you could see their beauty (and huge teeth)…and you’d conquer your fear.  NO NO NO…and this video proves it! – Ron


Time to go to the dentist…

I’ve never had a problem going to the dentist…no fear, and really no bad experiences. But after a friend recently posted this video to Facebook…yikes, now I’m starting to re-think my next visit!! OK, all kidding aside…enjoy, one of THE funniest moments, from a very funny show I think we all pretty much watched at one time or another. – Ron



The other night I’m trying to enjoy some quite time around my fire pit / patio in the back yard…decide to take a little “selfie”…and the new neighbor decides to photo bomb me! Arrogant..steer!



LOVE me some “Chicken….”!!

Foot! Saw “Chickenfoot” live in Portland a few years back…and have been a fan ever since. Check out this AWESOME cover of Deep Purple’s “Highway Star”…the guys do it up RIGHT! If you aren’t familiar with Chickenfoot, it’s the All-Star line-up of Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony (former bassist for Van Halen), Joe Satriani, and Chad Smith (drummer for Red Hot Chili Peppers). You find this and PLENTY more great rockers on the new release “BEST+LIVE”.  … enjoy! – Ron

Photo Feb 11, 12 57 21 PM

The O’Brian 67′ Mustang Fastback…

OK, well…it WAS…until a divorce many years ago. BUT, the ex-wife may be bringing it to the classic car show!  Here are a few pics…one being inside the intake, as a buddy and I were starting the engine restore/modify. Yah…those are oil soaked rags that had been inside for who knows how long, obviously from some “Jack-Wagon” who had done work on the motor previously. And then the nearly finished shot of the motor, a few grand later. Yes, the ex still has it, and lives just 15 minutes from me…but I have not got to drive it, but maybe again someday, I’ll have another!




This St Patty’s Day…

With a name like O’Brian, it just wouldn’t be right if I didn’t pass along a little advice for celebrating St. Patrick’s Day, right!? It’s really quite simple, just check out this video…and you might want to even watch it right before you head out for those green beers!  Luck of the Irish to ya’! – Ron