Joe Elliott Joins Tobias Forge

If you don’t know the name Tobias Forge, I hope that once you hear this, you dive into his music. He is the force behind the band Ghost. I was introduced to the band a few years ago, and while I enjoyed what I heard, I wasn’t what you would call a fan. Then last year the band released Impera, and the song Spillways as a single. That was it for me. That song has jumped to the top of my favorites list, and for a song released in 2022, that’s pretty impressive. This morning I saw an article that Ghost had released Spillways with Joe Elliot lending his voice to verses. I was skeptical. I mean, Joe has a great voice, but I was not sure how it would fit into the song. In fact, right before I pushed Play on the video, I said out loud, “I hope this isn’t a mistake.” It wasn’t. Joe slips in almost unnoticed, blends in like it was meant to be. Here is the link to the article….and the video is below. – Scott Cruize