My Favorite Boston Song…

Foreplay/Longtime is by far my favorite Boston song. From the first time I heard it to today, I crank it up as loud as whatever I am listening ton as loud as it can go and just, well, rock out. And generally after I listen to it, I have to give my ears a rest. So when, quite by accident, I found Rick Beato doing a video called “Is This Boston’s Greatest Song” I HAD to click. Not just because I had to know is he chose Foreplay/Longtime, but because if he did, I HAD to hear him isolate tracks. I am a fan of Rick’s videos because he really knows what he’s talking about, and he knows how to explain music to those of us who don’t really know the language of music like the pros do. So as you might have guessed, he did choose Foreplay/Longtime, he did isolate tracks-that will blow your mind…and earballs-and it’s worth the watch, even when he goes off topic and talks about Boston’s second album. As many times as I have heard the song, when he isolates some of the tracks I heard things I had never heard before. Oh and a tip…listen through your best headphones. And always remember to protect your hearing…..I speak from experience!