Boss Flashback

August 5th was the 30th anniversary of the death of Jeff Porcaro, probably best know as the drummer for Toto, but he left his mark on many songs we all know. He played on Steely Dan tunes, he played on Dire Straits tunes, Don Henley’s “Dirty Laundry”-nope, Don didn’t play the drums on that one! Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, along with fellow Toto bandmates Steve Lukather and brother Steve. The one song he played on that I had forgotten about was Springsteen’s “Human Touch”. And if I’m being honest, when I saw the title of the song I went “Huh? What song IS that?” Once I heard it, I remembered it. And have since added it to my collection. I kinda feel sorry for the people that had to hear it loudly coming from my car the other day. Not really. And damn Jeff was a great drummer!


Side note….Randy Jackson, the American Idol judge, was the bass player.

Side Side note…Jeff also played the drums on Pink Floyd’s “Mother”. Didn’t know that one…