RHCP “Unlimited Love” Review

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

I remember one album of the week, I picked up Blood Sugar Sex Magik. I ended up giving it a lower score which were met with actual requests with me to find a new job. I took this in stride and it now is like a yappy chihuahua with the nerve of a rottweiler. I am GOING to review the new one. It is now mandatory for my legacy. 

Nevertheless, I go in with an open mind. I do not hate the Chili Peppers by any means, and the lead single actually impressed me melodically. I am definitely curious to hear the finished product.

Black Summer starts the album and I think it gives me a fair opening, since I did like the lead track. It feels like a jam session with lyrics that you have to read between the lines on.

“Here Ever After” lyrically makes little sense, but I love the instrumental to it. I am almost sold on the song entirely on that. I just wish the hook was better. The chorus doesn’t fit.

“Aquatic Mouth” doesn’t appeal to me instrumentally, but for some reason I like the name references in the music. He seems to be discussing the change in what is “popular” now musically.

“Not the One” is actually a profound and beautiful track. Definitely not the sort of thing I expected. But a nice fresh air.

Okay, “Poster Child” tends to go against what I am normally interested in. But I love how he structured this together. Poster child for the music lost. Despite the Chili Peppers creating their own sort of iconic brand of funky rock music, they ode to so many greats here. 

“The Great Apes” seems a bit like a filler track and doesn’t grab me at all.

“It’s Only Natural” sounds a bit unnatural with this lead vocalist. I don’t think what they did hear fit him. This isn’t the first time this happened with them.

“She’s a Lover” is a decent track. I don’t like the chorus melody as much but the verses are appealing. 

“These are the Ways” has such a good musical structure with again, lyricism making no sense really. 

“Whatchu Thinking” is very addictive. Definitely like the stride of the song. The strange lyricism works in this case so well.

I love the musicality of “Bastards of Light”, and weirdly similar to Black Summer, it feels emotive although I am not sure I understand it.

“White Braids and Pillow Chair” is borderline country and that’s just bizarre.

“One Way Traffic” is too chaotic for my taste. The hook in this one is better than some others though.

“Veronica” sounds like an ode to fans and touring and is kind of sweet actually.

“Let’em Cry” is a solid beat. I am not sure I like the hook for this one for this either.

“The Heavy Wing” feels a bit filler track style again. Very forgettable in the mix.

“Tangelo” is actually a solid closer. It feels it captures the title of the album honestly. It brings everything together.

Lyrics: 5/10 – This’ll always be a downside to them for me, but I feel this time they played with some unique references and I liked that experimentation. 

Music: 8/10 – Most of the instrumentals are solid. And let us be real – that’s what most Chili Peppers fans are coming for likely.

Overall: 6/10 – Honestly, this is a lot better than the album I heard before. If you’re a fan, this is definitely not out of place. I like some of the unique tricks with the album. I recommend trying it. I think you either love it or hate it kind of deal. – Michaela