Scorpions review

Despite my depth of knowledge being the span of disney girls and early 2000s pop/rock mixed with some bizarre 90s alternative, obviously I have heard the Scorpions. This band has a caliber and legacy of both talent and shock, but most give them fair respects. I naturally have to take a listen and see what 2022 Scorpions can offer to us.

The album soars in with raging guitars in “Gas in the Tank”. I would say some of the highs of the leads voice have lost some of the gas, with how gentle he was with the chorus here. I think he needed to adjust the production of his voice more, as it sounds a bit off with the music choice here.

“Roots in My Boots” sounds a bit better produced. His voice sounds more in line with the music. I feel the chorus is a bit off with the music in general though. It almost sounds like a weird line you’d hear in a country song. But I kind of enjoy them owning it for a rock song.

“Knock’em Dead” feels like such an old school throwback, but in a good way. They produced this track so well. You’d almost feel like you were transported back in time to one of these concerts.

“Rock Believer” has a strange emotional fragility to it within the lyrics and I appreciate this. The song is something written more for the long time fans, so I hope everyone feels it too.

“Shining of Your Soul” has a great instrumentation, it almost gives me a Rush vibe. I love the bass rhythm in it. Just grabs you from the depths.

There’s just something beyond you feel listening to “Seventh Sun”. Some songs just grab you in a way you cannot explain and that is this one for me. By far a stand out favorite. I feel the lead singer has learned to keep the rock going while his voice cannot rock out the same way anymore. That is a growth in itself.

“Hot and Cold” isn’t really my thing but I can definitely see a lot of the original fans loving this track for sure. It is produced well!

“When I Lay My Bones to Rest” really captures the old school Scorpions sound as well. Well produced and the guitars go wild.

“Peacemaker” is an amazing song. The lyrics come together with the instrumentation and sound empowering.

“Call of the Wild” is a little bit of a miss for me. I don’t think the melody of the singing goes with the instrumental of the song as well. Could be stronger.

“When You Know Where You Came From” makes me think to White Lion a bit. That is a compliment since I only really know two White Lion songs and both sound fantastic and meaningful.

There are a few deluxe tracks, if you choose to indulge in the deluxe edition. If you were looking for them to go fully hard, these deluxe tracks may have that dose you’re missing. Although choosing this route then closing with an acoustic version of the last track from the standard album seems like a misfire.

Lyrics: 6/10 – Most are not particularly stand out, but don’t take away from anything either.

Music: 8/10 – Most of the album works and sounds fantastic in spite of the age of the artists involved.

Overall: 7/10 – If you like them, I’d pick it up. There’s a few stand out tracks for sure. Definitely a solid body of work and show they’re still passionate about what they are doing. – Michaela