RIP Mark Lanegan

I just read his book last week and now he has passed away, so tragic. I didn’t really get into The Screaming Trees or very much Queens of the Stones Age so I just didn’t know of him that well. I’m trying to read more books and watch less TV so I’m reading a book a month and I saw a lot of good things about “Sing Backwards And Weep” so I read it last week and wow, maybe my favorite book I’ve ever read.

He did the Lead Belly cover “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” long before Nirvana on Unplugged and had Kurt on his version. He said Nirvana invited him to play on Unplugged but he didn’t feel like he was good enough

He was great friends with Layne Stayle from Alice In Chains and was part of the supergroup Mad Season.

He submitted songs for and opened for Johnny Cash.

He cowrote this song wich was huge when I was working in Alternative Radio and featured Dave Grohl. He’s the guy in the green shirt in this video but isn’t shown playing with the band.

Somehow I’ve missed out on him and just started getting into his music last week. 1 week later, dead. He has another book about going into a coma with Covid and I had planned on reading it anyway but now I’ll probably get it sooner. – Forrest



Gary Hoey

Gary Hoey

Guitarist who tried out for Ozzy on the phone