It’s almost that time of year!

Record Store Day for 2020 is April 18th, a day when some amazing music gets put out there, and not just on vinyl. As is the case every year, there is some AMAZING stuff to choose from, and in a future blog I’ll probably go into more selections…but for now, this ONE is going to be priority for me to try and score! It’s a double LIVE album, previously unissued, from David Bowie’s “I’m Only Dancing (The Soul Tour 74′). It will be available as both 2 LP’s or 2 CDs, and features segments from a pair of concerts during that tour. The majority of material is from a October 20, 1974 concert at Detroit’s Michigan Palace, and three tracks from a Nashville concert just over a month later. There is another great release on record store day as well for Bowie fans…CHANGESNOWBOWIE, a limited edition nine track LP/CD of previously unreleased studio material. Here’s a few live video’s…one from Ziggy Stardust and the other from 85′ at Live Aid, enjoy! ~ Ron O’




Recut Justice League trailer

Recut Justice League trailer

D.C. is so close, there were so many things I liked about Ben Afleck as Batman but The Justice League got an 40% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and losing the studio $60 million.  Well a recut version is coming out March 18th on HBO Max. – Forrest