Happy birthday Malcom Young

I’m a big AC/DC fan. In college I’d stay out partying all night then sit in my dorm room on the bottom bunk blasted out of my mind and fall asleep listening to AC/DC cassettes on my purple Sony Walkman.  I remember it was purple because that was the cheapest one and all I could afford.  My first radio job I missed meeting the band by 1 week.  Never had another chance.  Gotta be at the top of my wish list.

Scott Ian from Anthrax is such a big fan he has an 2 AC/DC tattoos. – Forrest


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“Salute” Jet. ‘Nuff said. #malcolmyoung #stephenstern @officialgretsch

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Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

I expected to see Grohl playing the drums and Paul on bass but nope, totally forgot those 2 had both recording entire albums by themselves. Pretty sure I save Dave Matthews in there too – Forrest