After Watching this video

Usually when I get a video link from David In Nashville I look forward to watching what ever obscure video he has sent.  That all changed when I got the link to this one.  On the surface it looked fine:  Neil Young and Devo doing My My Hey Hey.  While the music itself I am OK with, the video is a little…….well, you decide.  For some reason it’s a little to weird for me.  Maybe it’s me.  But maybe more strange thane the video, is the fact that the link goes to the AARP page.  Seems appropriate for some reason.




Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

I expected to see Grohl playing the drums and Paul on bass but nope, totally forgot those 2 had both recording entire albums by themselves. Pretty sure I save Dave Matthews in there too – Forrest