Another Cover Song That stands on it’s own.

Gregg Allman wrote the song “Dreams” on a Hammon B 3 in the late ’60’s.  I became familiar with the song in 1978 when Molly Hatchet released it.  It was all over the radio, all  7 minutes and 9 seconds of this incredible cover.  Danny Joe Brown growling his way though the song, the guitar work, all just brilliant.  Better that The Allman Brothers version?  No, just a different approach.  I’ve offered up a killer live version, that also includes Flirtin’ With Disaster.  Now I see why, when Donnie Baker saw his dad at a Molly Hatchet concert they didn’t speak out of respect for the music.  (If you don’t get that reference, it’s a Bob & Tom thing.)  Hit Full Screen and turn it up to 11!