A Cover song that isn’t better that the original…

OK, that statement can be applied to so many cover songs.  The list is a mile long, and has and will be explored here.  This go round, let’s take a listen, and look, at Elton John’s version of :Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.  The Beatles version is the perfect version of the song, because it is.  But what Elton did is also perfect.  Not only did he not ruin the song, he gave it the right amount of Elton John to make it the perfect cover version.  I read some of the comments relating to the video, and they all suggest Elton’s version is better than the Beatles.  You know how I feel.  This version is live from the Cher Show from 1974, and Elton did not disappoint with the outfit.  The sunglasses are not spectacular.  And yes, I actually remember watching this live.  I also seem to remember that my father was not impressed.  That made me like it even more!