Well, I guess they got bored…

Back in October of 2013, they said they were going to do a 50th Anniversary tour (which they did), and that was it…they said they were NOT going to tour “this time for good”. Well, I guess they got bored…not the first time an artist “retired”, only to return years later and start it all up again. I for one am glad they’ve decided to return, and not just a tour, but NEW music as well…from THE WHO! Yep, It’s the “Moving On” tour hitting North America this year, with a Spring leg and then another in the Fall.  It kicks off May 7 in Grand Rapids Michigan…the Fall leg includes shows in Denver (Sept 29) and Seattle (Oct 19)! The band will be performing with an orchestra at these shows, but Roger Daltrey says, don’t let that fool ya…the shows will still be full throttle The Who with horns and bells on! And the guys say they’ll release an album of ALL NEW material later this year as well…that will be their first studio album since “Endless WIre” in 2006! And when you purchase a concert ticket, it will come with a code redeemable for a CD copy of the new album. Pete Townshend says the tour shows will include some of the new material (already written) and of course, The Who classics. Here’s some live Who from that 2015 tour…enjoy!  ~ Ron 



Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

I expected to see Grohl playing the drums and Paul on bass but nope, totally forgot those 2 had both recording entire albums by themselves. Pretty sure I save Dave Matthews in there too – Forrest