Another step to go back in time!

Well, I have decided since I’m going “back in time” in regards to collecting albums again…I’m going all in! I recently bought a bluetooth turntable, thinking I would just play it through my surround sound bar, but I ran into a lot of interference…only resolved if I unplugged everything thing else in the area. Then even though the sound wasn’t bad, I decided I might as well just go “all in”. So  I’ve dusted off my 35 year old classic! A Kenwood KD 41-RB Quartz PLL Direct Drive turntable hat’s been boxed up for about the past 25 years or so. I have a brand new needle and taking it by a stereo repair shop for a quick cartridge alignment, and I’ll be good to go! And yes, I did grab a new Onkyo receiver and a pair of Polk 150 watt speakers. Let there be rock! ~ Ron