Live release, prelude to a tour!?

Over the past few months the ladies of Heart have once again been talking, following a big feud back in 2016. And in a recent interview, Nancy Wilson stated…”there’s some big money on the table, for a Heart tour in 2019″. But she only stated that she and sister Ann we’re speaking again etc. Well, now we get word that Heart is releasing the 2006 Live In Atlantic City concert, on January 25, 2019…now I’m betting this is a set-up for a new Heart tour in 2019! This concert will be available on LP/CD/DVD/Blu-ray all newly mixed and mastered. And this is one I’ll definitely be adding to my collection, as it is start studded! Below are the tracks for Live in Atlantic City…and the video trailer for this upcoming release! ~ Ron

Bébé Le Strange (with Dave Navarro)
Straight On (with Dave Navarro)
Crazy On You (with Dave Navarro)
Lost Angel
Even It Up (with Gretchen Wilson)
Rock ’n’ Roll (with Gretchen Wilson)
Dog & Butterfly (with Rufus Wainwright)
Would? (with Alice In Chains & Duff McKagan)
Rooster (with Alice In Chains & Duff McKagan)
Alone (with Carrie Underwood)
Magic Man
Misty Mountain Hop (with Dave Navarro)
Dreamboat Annie