Marci Wiser

Monday – Friday
7:00 pm – Midnight

If radio were the Military, Marci would have a shirt full of metal. She’s done a tour of duty that stretches from Los Angeles to Manhattan, D.C. to Seattle, Salt Lake to Phoenix, and a bunch of other points in-between. She grew up in the Midwest, terrorizing neighborhoods and school kids with her big personality and loud music. While in college and studying forensic science and the real origins of Christmas, Marci had a part time gig at the college radio station and she ended up being discovered by the program director of one of the big city stations. The rest, as they say, is history.

Dave Grohl is Marci’s Hall Pass, she’s addicted to “I Love Lucy” and “Law & Order” late-night reruns, she only drinks Smart Water, she enjoys a cold Coors and bottles of red wine at a time and and suffers from misophonia, which means certain sounds and words make her skin crawl. Note of caution: When around Marci, don’t blow your nose, sneeze, or utter the words snack, moist or ribbon. You’ve been warned.

When she’s not hanging out on the radio, she is barricaded behind 15 foot castle walls that are protected by alligators and millions of killer bees.