Montana - Miss May 2016

Get to know Montana brought to you by Woody’s Outdoor Power

Ideal drunk food: I just really need a Coke! And maybe pancakes with strawberries and whip cream. Or something from a taco truck in LA… I’m drunk, I don’t care!

Favorite Smell: my favorite smell in the world is my dad when he used to come back from his hunting trips when I was a kid. I found out just this last hunting season that the smell was a mix of campfire smoke and deer blood. So it’s that and two stroke

What is your dumper/dumpee ratio? Since my adult life… 3:0 I’ve learned to let go and walk away from the idiots

Have you ever gotten arrested? Mmm maybe once

Which of your boobs do you like better? I feel they are equally loved… But if I have to choose, mmm my left. I feel it’s my best side haha

What’s the TV show you’re most embarrassed to admit you love? I’m not to embarrassed to admit much of anything, but I love SOA and Vikings… Ragnar and Jax Teller mm mmmm

Shower or bath? I love bubble baths but I always have to take a shower after

What’s your favorite noise? Muscle cars and newly addicted to the sound of snowmobiles

What comes first, hoes or bros? Bros… hoes are scandalous

Best rock concert? Rockstar Mayhem 2013. Rob Zombie is hard to beat

First CD you ever bought? I think it was TLC fan mail

Why are women obsessed with cats? They make you work for it… Dogs are easy

What’s your porn star name? (Middle name & street you grew up on or middle name & 1st pet): Lynn Winterhaven or Lynn Cheyenne… Those aren’t hot names lol

Tattoos: three

How many piercings do you have? Seven

Best video game? God of War

What do you want to be when you grow up? I really haven’t made up my mind yet haha

Finish this rock lyric; “ I wanna __” rock, rock!

Define all the bases: 1st kiss, 2nd feel, 3rd a little under the clothes but still say no to stealing home and home base… You scored.

Bars or clubs? Bars

One thing you’d change about yourself: nothing, I absolutely love who I am

Most used emoji? The smiley face with the tears, the smiley giving kisses and the monkey faces

Best excuse declining a date? I got called into work… I’m sick *cough cough

What’s your favorite article of clothing? My black label beanie, I’ve had it forever. I think since middle school

What movie do you quote from the most? I don’t think I quote from any much but my all time favorite movie is Cool World

Who was your first celebrity crush? Colin Farrell back in swat and phone booth

How many pushups can you do – real ones, not those fake “I’m a girl so I can do them on my knees” pushups? 15

If you were to dance, would you do it like no one was watching? Duhhh

Underwear choice: Cheeky’s by Victoria’s Secret… The Cheeky’s in VS1 of course (:

Least favorite band: I really don’t care for Miley Cyrus, I don’t think she’s the best influence

If you could go on 1 talk show, which one would it be? Mmm I’d say Oprah because all the other shows have baby daddy issues, cheating and all that other nonsense drama that I don’t have in my life

What game show do you think you would do the best on and why? Wheel of fortune… It’s the only game show I get answers right

Have you ever voted for President or American Idol? Nope

What’s the most embarrassing song you know all the words to? Opening song of the movie The Pest

Breast implants, for or against? Who doesn’t like boobs

What is the closest you’ve ever been to death? Long story short I was front seat passenger in a bad car accident. Car did a 360 on the freeway, missed all the cars and then went about 90 into the cement wall head on. I walked away with just fractured ribs.

Have you ever hooked up with someone way less attractive than you? Ew, and yes. Regrettably yes.

When is the last time you got hit on? Mmm today…but I’m pretty sure it was all cuz of my truck haha

Have you ever been fired from a job? Kinda… My boss drank a little too much and fired me and then tried to take it back the next morning. I politely turned it down.

Most embarrassing moment: I was a freshman in high school and went to my brothers football practice like we always did. The guys were on their water break. So I’m walking on the field and fall into a hole right in front of everyone. Really!? A hole when there’s an entire flat field at my feet!? Guys didn’t let me live that one down haha

Who is the hottest female Disney character? Jessica Rabbit

Who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Batman. Duhhh

What do you think about Ben Affleck being the next Batman? He’s daredevil, not batman material lol I know, I know! He’s iron man, but can’t Robert Downey Jr be batman too!?

Is your mom on Facebook? Yup

Hidden talent: I’m one hell of a cook (: oh and I can take off my bra with a shirt on in less than 5 seconds 😂

If I try yoga, do you think I would fart? No. Well at least it hasn’t happened

What is your favorite kind of gum? Trident Minty Sweet Twist

Why do all girls fall for a-holes? It’s the bad guy persona and the ‘we want what we can’t have’… It’s really pretty stupid but I am guilty of it. Glad I finally have a good man and he’s far from an a-hole. Yay!

What is the earliest time of day you’re ever started drinking and why? Probably 9 in the morning, day before my 26th birthday. It ended up being a mix of doing a little pre-partying and the guy I was seeing said a few stupid things to say the least… Calls for a drink, or two haha

Geekiest thing about you: I love to read… I’m a hot nerd (;

What was the last thing you texted? Haha boss man 💋

How long do you think you could survive in the woods? However long it takes me to get out of there! I’m not going to let a bear eat me

Use the different forms of to, two and too all in the same sentence: the last two sentences I’ve made to comply with this criteria are lame too

If you HAD to get a tattoo on your face, what would it be of? Ohhhh can I just say permanent makeup?! Yaaaas! Give me perfect liner that won’t ever smudge. And maybe a beauty mark like the blonde bombshell Marilyn Monroe •💋

What’s the least attractive piece of clothing you own? I’d have to say my mothers sweater… But my grandfather gave it to her and she gave it to me when I moved up here. My grandfather passed away before I was born so that sweater means a lot to me

Favorite movie trilogy? The Hobit

Jedi or Dark Side? Dark side… It’s good to be a little bad

Favorite cartoon as a kid? Betty Boop

Favorite look on a guy? A man in a tailored suit gets me every time… That and a snowmobiler. Have you seen how hot they are in their riding gear and sleds?! Oh my yes

Have you ever made a guy cry? Yes.

Name a movie everyone hates but you love: Cool World

Name 1 band member of Tom Petty: um. Tom petty.

Do you text “k”, “ok” or “okay”? Most often it’s ok

Where is the Mason Dixon line? Tennessee I think…. But after looking it up its a boarder line of Pennsylvania, Delaware, West Virginia and Maryland. I was a few states off

Would you ever ask a guy out? I’d drop hints first and if that still didn’t get through then why not? You always lose if you don’t try (;

Would you gain 25 lbs for $2,500? Ugh, duhh. Can we start now

Girls worst fear? Most girls… Idk. My worst fear: fish, things by my toes and smeagol. Freak me out!

Did you go to college? Yes: graduated from trade schools. Culinary and cosmetology

Current ring tone? Default for iPhones but I always have it on silent and do not disturb

Have you ever cheated on a test/boyfriend? Boyfriend, no. Test… Yes it was the first grade and I really wanted to get 100. I felt so guilty I told my teacher that I cheated… She gave me 100 anyways because I told on myself haha

Dream job? All I really want is a job where I can work most of the year and make enough money to take off September/October-December/January. Hunting season and time to ride snowmobiles. The snow makes me most happy! All I want to do when there’s snow… Play!!!!

Favorite planet? Saturn

Favorite car? 1947 Buick sedanette

Last song you listened to? Sock it 2 Me by Missy Elliot

Best 80’s movie? Who framed Roger Rabbit

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