Jenn - Miss August 2016

Get to know Jenn:

Ideal drunk food:  Hot Dogs downtown

Favorite Smell: the ocean

Have you ever gotten arrested?  no

Which of your boobs do you like better? Both! I don’t discriminate!

What’s the TV show you’re most embarrassed to admit you love? Charmed

Shower or bath? Shower always

What’s your favorite noise? The ocean waves

What comes first, hoes or bros?  bros

Best rock concert? Aerosmith

First CD you ever bought? Cassette, Alanis Morissette Jagged Little Pill and TLC Crazy, Sexy, Cool

Why are women obsessed with cats? Because they are cute and cuddly

Tattoos: 1 bunny

How many piercings do you have? 8

Best video game? Gauntlet or Tekken

What do you want to be when you grow up? Haha already grown up!!! An actress, but I already am, let’s say, famous actress

Finish this rock lyric; “ I wanna __” rock n roll all night… and party every day!

Define all the bases: 1 kiss, 2 boobs, 3 touch, home run- tada!

One thing you’d change about yourself: NOTHING

Most used emoji? smiley face 🙂

What’s your favorite article of clothing? My black boots

What movie do you quote from the most? Step Brothers

Who was your first celebrity crush? George Clooney

How many pushups can you do – real ones, not those fake “I’m a girl so I can do them on my knees” pushups? Like 3

If you were to dance, would you do it like no one was watching?  I would dance so fierce

Underwear choice: thong always

Least favorite band: Still MMM bop boys

If you could go on 1 talk show, which one would it be? Ellen!!!! Ellen is so amazing! She is hilarious and an all around great person!

What game show do you think you would do the best on and why? Wheel of Fortune or the Price is Right. I am great with grammar, spelling, and averages/ratios and I have a good sense for $$$

Have you ever voted for President or American Idol? President yes

What is the closest you’ve ever been to death? When I was small, I almost drowned at the beach

Have you ever hooked up with someone way less attractive than you? maybe

When is the last time you got hit on? today

Most embarrassing moment:  when I was 5, I struck a crayon up my nose and it got stuck. My brother biked me to the hospital to get it taken out and the whole ride everyone was watching

Who would win in a fight: Batman or Superman? Superman, duh!

What do you think about Ben Affleck being the next Batman? I mean, I used to like him but, hmmmm

Is your mom on Facebook? Yes. She now types my full name in text messages as if she is “tagging me”

If I try yoga, do you think I would fart? Forrest would!!!

What is your favorite kind of gum and why do all girls fall for a-holes?  Big Red We don’t

What is the earliest time of day you’re ever started drinking and why? 6am, camping

Geekiest thing about you: I can play Magic the Gathering, I was in a geek calendar and I play video games and I watch Game of Thrones! GOT rocks!

What was the last thing you texted? Can you do 1pm?

How long do you think you could survive in the woods? 5 days

Use the different forms of to, two and too all in the same sentence: The two of us are going to go to the store , would you like to come too?

If you HAD to get a tattoo on your face, what would it be of? Eyebrow feathering???

Favorite movie trilogy? Star Wars

Jedi or Dark Side? Jedi

Favorite cartoon as a kid? X Men

Favorite look on a guy? Prep/Skater

Have you ever made a guy cry? yes

Name a movie everyone hates but you love: Water World

Name 1 band member of Tom Petty: Tom Petty

Do you text “k”, “ok” or “okay”? Ok

Where is the Mason Dixon line? Mississippi

Would you gain 25 lbs for $2,500? no


Have you ever cheated on a test/boyfriend? yes

Favorite planet? Earth

Favorite car? Old 67’ Ford mustang convertible

Best 80’s movie? Ghost

On Twitter, Instagram or Snacpchat?  Instagram & Twitter