And another rocker is in trouble…

When I say “beginning of the end”, I by no means as in “soon to be visited by the grim reaper” (let’s hope not!)…but could it mean a full early end to what is his final solo tour!? The news is not good for Ozzy Osbourne (or a lot of fans), as he has now had to push back his entire U.K. and European tour, after coming down with what docs are saying is a severe upper-respiratory infection! Doctors have ordered Ozzy off the road with concerns that the ailment could turn into pneumonia, considering the grueling schedule of the live performances and the harsh winter conditions. The “No More Tours 2” shows are now set to resume on March 9 in Australia. And a two-month North American tour is slated to start in May. For Ozzy fans here in the U.S., cross your fingers that he comes through this, AND can avoid any further ailments…like his previous staph infection, that also caused him to postpone some shows early on in the tour. Enjoy this video from a recent performance on the tour…just incase…you know…  ~ Ron