Even Cheech & Chong are saying…

Well, kindness to “animals” has apparently reached a new high…no, literally! The owner of a restaurant in Maine decided she wanted to kill the crustaceans in a “more humane manor”…and make their passing, more kind! And what better way to assist the creatures before they’re boiled to death…but to get them BAKED on pot! No, not boiled in a pot, or baked in an oven…get them HIGH on marijuana, THEN boil them. According to the article in the Idaho Statesman, the woman tested her idea by putting a lobster in a box with some water, before blowing marijuana smoke inside. The results; for a few weeks after the “bake”, the lobster seemed sedated (no S$&*!), and was less aggressive towards other lobsters…and was then release back into the ocean (where he was probably still stoned and wandered into the mouth of a giant octopus, lol). If you’re reading this and you are a little high, you could probably use a little music to go along with your laughter….so enjoy a little “Rock Lobster” my friends!  ~ Ron