At this point it’s not really a “tour”…

Prior to their recent appearance on The Today Show, there was “talk” about Aerosmith launching into a new tour…possibly even a extended “farewell” tour in 2019. Now I guess that’s still not out of the picture, but what the band has announced is a “residency” in Las Vegas at  the 5,200-seat Park Theater at the Park MGM Hotel and Casino, starting April 6 of next year. To celebrate the bands 50th anniversary, Aerosmith will do a total of 18 shows, most in April, then 5 in June and 4 in July. The shows will be quite different than what you’d experience at a “typical” Aerosmith concert according to Joe Perry and company. Now nobody is saying, but I’m thinking this may just be the “warm up” for what could expand into a full-on regular tour later in 2019…and what could be the start of a farewell tour (just my premature evaluation kicking in again, lol). You can read the full scoop on the residency stay HERE 

Here’s one of my all-time fave Aerosmith tunes when the Boston rockers did Donington Park in 2014…and I gotta have it LIVE! ~ Ron