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I bring you “Problem Child”…in case you miss them at Bogus Fest earlier this year! These guys are absolutely AMAZING! They have BOTH a Bon Scott singer and a Brian Johnson, and the rest of the band looks so very much like the real deal…and talk about TALENTED! So while we wait…and wait on some kind of news on some new Ac/Dc music, or at least some word from the band…enjoy the next best thing, with “Problem Child”! ~ Ron


"SIN CITY" in Sin City by PROBLEM⚡️CHILDThis is dedicated to BONFEST 2020 (May 1-3, Kirriemuir, Scotland). PROBLEM⚡️CHILD is amped to be the 1st American band to rock BONFEST! 🤘AC⚡️DC historians report that BON SCOTT never sang “SIN CITY" in Sin City (Vegas) - so this has to be the closest we can get with the very talented - SPENCER KNIGHT! Crank this up to 11 on your best system and close your eyes and you will swear it is the legendary BON SCOTT reincarnated.If you like the video - share it with all your rockin’ friends!! #BONFEST2020Count's Vamp'd (Vegas) ~ August 24, 2019

Posted by Problem Child - AC/DC Tribute Band on Monday, October 14, 2019



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