A guy at the recent Tool concert in L.A.

So Tool played the Staple Center in Los Angeles the other night, and non other than EDDIE VAN HALEN, and his son Wolfgang were at the show. An Eager fan…asks Eddie to take this picture (the moment captured by Wolfgang) of the fan posing with the stage in the close background…and this guy (a Tool in his own right if you ask me) has NO CLUE that it’s Eddie Van Halen taking his picture!  Guess I shouldn’t be so rough on the guy…I’m sure there are PLENTY of millenials etc. who wouldn’t have a clue…but us old farts find this pretty damn funny! ~ Ron 





Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

Paul McCarteny & Dave Grohl

I expected to see Grohl playing the drums and Paul on bass but nope, totally forgot those 2 had both recording entire albums by themselves. Pretty sure I save Dave Matthews in there too – Forrest