The last one in the world!

For part of my vacation in March, I made a two day road trip to Bend, with the primary reason…to catch former Eagle Don Felder in concert! The show was great, as he played the Eagle’s classics…including finishing off the show with the tune he helped write, “Hotel California”. And just down the road from my hotel was another “trip back in time”, with the LAST IN THE WORLD remaining Blockbuster video store! And I just had to make the stop of course. I even managed to find a few good Blue-rays in the “3 for $20” section to buy. I felt a bit like a dork when I got out of my car and went to snap this photo, but as other’s showed up, they did the same…even groups of people taking selfies in front of the iconic store. Click on the pics for a bigger version, click my name for a link to my page (with more blogs) at ~ Ron