May I share my Ear Worm?

Twice today I mentioned Buddy Holly.  Sunday was the 60th anniversary of his death in the plane crash that also took The Big Bopper and Richie Valens.  So it’s not that far of a stretch these days to think of Weezer, given they have made a bit of a splash recently, and their new album.  Naturally, I Look Just Like Buddy Holly was…well IS…stuck in my head.  I’ve shared it with a few people, including my wife ( she was not pleased!), si if you’re in the mood, give it a go.  It has been a while since I have seen the video, so it was fun to see it again, and it still hold up!





Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

Calls in to talk about his album, tour with Richard Marx, being friends with Sammy Hagar, black holes, depression, Linda Blair and more.