Another Cover Song That stands on it’s own.

Gregg Allman wrote the song “Dreams” on a Hammon B 3 in the late ’60’s.  I became familiar with the song in 1978 when Molly Hatchet released it.  It was all over the radio, all  7 minutes and 9 seconds of this incredible cover.  Danny Joe Brown growling his way though the song, the guitar work, all just brilliant.  Better that The Allman Brothers version?  No, just a different approach.  I’ve offered up a killer live version, that also includes Flirtin’ With Disaster.  Now I see why, when Donnie Baker saw his dad at a Molly Hatchet concert they didn’t speak out of respect for the music.  (If you don’t get that reference, it’s a Bob & Tom thing.)  Hit Full Screen and turn it up to 11!





Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield

Calls in to talk about his album, tour with Richard Marx, being friends with Sammy Hagar, black holes, depression, Linda Blair and more.