Eric Clapton Has A New Video Out

Clapton’s 24th studio album is a Christmas Album, “Happy Xmas“, available now. Out of the 14 tracks, only one is an original called “For Love On Christmas Day”.  That’s not the song the video is for, it’s for his cover of “White Christmas”.  As a Clapton fan, I of course love the song.  But I find the video distracting, thanks to the reel to reel tape machine.  I know it’s crazy, but all I can seem to focus on is the tape on that machine…..will it run out?  Is it consistent throughout the video?   Where can I get one?  I hope I didn’t cause a distraction for you, because the blues feel he adds to the song is spot on….but it’s just gonna bug me that tape machine.  Why is it not turned around so Engineer Santa can control it better?