Not cool

Dear hunters, please stop this. It looks disrespectful to the animal to non-hunters and doesn’t help anything. It’s just for the picture and you don’t look tough. We are all stewards of nature, not cavemen.  I often wonder what will happed in 1000 years.  Will hunting still be a thing?  WIll people still be interested, will we be out of land and animals?  I love to hunt but I have a responsibility to non-hunters and children.  We as hunters are to show hunting in a positive light and respect the animal, not brag or boast.  The deer or antelope can jump higher than you or run up a mountain faster than you.  We are not stronger than them nor do we need to showcase squatting dead animals.

I recently unsubscribed from a Facebook hunting group called “208 Hunters” due to the graphic pictures.  If a hunting magazine wouldn’t show it or Meat Eater, should we?  Blood, heads, dead animals, guts and more.  Look I know it exists, I know that but there is always some remorse for me when I take an animals life.  I always feel bad, always.  I eat meat though so whether it’s a steak from the grocery store or chicken nuggets from a fast-food restaurant, someone had to do that for me.  Hunting keeps me connected to where my food comes from and what it means to me.  – Forrest