Bands covering other bands

Before Guns N’ Roses reunited, Slash & Duff joined forces with Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots to form Velvet Revolver.

Guns N’ Roses are on tour again after a short break and they started this leg of the tour in Berlin with a Velvet Revolver cover.

I think bands cover other bands is just the coolest thing.  Not local bands, big bands that have multiple albums to pull from.  They don’t have to cover songs but I feel like they are such big fans they just do it because they enjoy it.  It also makes me happy to think Scott Weiland would of gotten a kick out of seing Axl Rose singing his song.  This isn’t the 1st time Axl has covered another band.  Check out some of my favorite covers he’s pulled off. – Forrest





Because sometimes you just have to have Dave Grohl scream at you, that’s why,