New RHCP & Smashing Pumpkins song reviews

Here is this weeks rendition of my drive by reviews.

After the Smashing Pumpkins tried to destroy our pocketbooks with a $500 boxset preorder, they decided no one wanted to buy it yet. Why? Well I think any of us people who appreciated their old sound realized Cyr was a hot mess. I will say that “Beguiled” is a much better track than anything on Cyr and intrigues me to the rest of the future release. Corgan is such a mixed bag, I do not trust him to be consistent.

Red Hot Chili Peppers are releasing another new album and they have fresh single “Eddie”. It is meant as a homage to Eddie Van Halen, and is honestly pretty decent.

Enjoy yourselves. See you soon. – Michaela



Gary Hoey

Gary Hoey

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