These 2 douches

I can’t believe these are real people, they’re so gross I thought it was a joke at first.  The tight pants, the sunglasses inside, wearing a winter hat in Bel Air, the shirt open down to navel, 6 elevators while talking about waste, bragging about square footage, the stupid looking shoes, name dropping his divorce.  I would be so disappointed if this was who I grew up to be.  Imagine what you could have with $500,000,000.  I’d rather have a couple of different cabins with land and a killer garage full of muscle cars and guitars.  The artwork in this house is ugly.  An Avengers poster would look better than that stupid wing sculpture. If you really wanted to change the world that doesn’t seem like a very good start.  A wall of vintage playboys?  So sleazy. I wouldn’t take this house if it was free, I’d rather keep living in my under 1k sq foot house in Boise. (The pods in the pool by the night club are kind of cool though)