Post Malone’s Nirvana Stream

Went down a Nirvana rabbit hole, ended up at Post Malone’s Nirvana show again with Travis Barker from Blink-182 on drums.  1 year later and I’m still impressed.  I wrote Posty off, mumble rapper with face tattoos?  Pass.  I was wrong, I judged a book by a cover and I was wrong.  This guy has worked with Ozzy and covered Bob Dylan so I should of known better than to judge someone just because they are different than me.  Not playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit” while wearing a dress is the most Nirvana thing ever.  Kurt never cared about looking cool or playing his biggest hits.  I think he would of liked the honest, raw, fun take on Nirvana songs, I did. – Forrest

2:04 Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge On Seattle
7:31 Drain You
11:59 Come As You Are
16:22 Lounge Act
21:14 School
24:33 Heart-Shaped Box
30:31 Something In The Way
34:43 About A Girl
38:58 Stay Away
45:56 Lithium
52:58 Breed
57:29 On A Plain
1:02:33 Very Ape
1:05:27 Territorial Pissings
1:11:35 In Bloom



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