One of my favorite Tom Petty covers

I really like the band, “The Sword”.  It’s sort of a Black Sabbath 70’s stoner sludge metal band. Their most recent album, “Used Future” was quite a different sound and I’m still trying to give it a chance.  I got to see them in 2008 in a small bar with maybe 50 people, that’s a healthy estimate.  A few weeks later they opened for Metallica’s “World Magnetic Tour” in 2008.  Today they dropped this Tom Petty cover & I’m sort of blown away, it’s a great cover and I never would of picked them to play a Tom Petty tune but I guess everyone can appreciate his music. – Forrest

They also threw down this sick Rush cover.

& ZZ Top!  My love for The Sword has been reinstated! – Forrest