TSO, they are AMAZING…

While they can’t be here live this year, I would seriously encourage you to get in on the live streaming event coming up on the 18th, 6pm our time! Fortunately last year, I did get to attend in person, and it was nothing less than AMAZING, as they always are! And I’m not afraid to admit, I have a HUGE crush on the beautiful and EXTREMELY talented Chloe Lowry…there is just something about her…primarily her voice, that actually gives me goosebumps! Anyway…here are some videos for your enjoyment…the first, one I shot from last year’s show, and the second from the Denver show last year, just days before the Ford Idaho Center show. I had shot the video here, up front and center…but I somehow managed to delete it from my files! I’ll be getting in on the live streaming event on the 18th…and yes, I know it’s not quite the same as actually being there in person, but stream it on your big screen, sit back and you WILL enjoy! And it’s a great way to support TSO, who’s been so VERY good about coming here to the Treasure Valley nearly every year, to put on a great show for us! Click on my name for more blogs…and thanks!  ~ Ron O’