And yet another show is a NO GO…

It was September of 2019 when Black Jacket Symphony played the Egyptian in Boise…perhaps you were there. It was a night of Pink Floyd, with the performance of “Dark Side of The Moon”, in it’s entirety, note-for-note, then other Pink Floyd greats…what a night. It was my first exposure to this amazing group of musicians, and they just nailed it. There are actually a huge number of musicians that do different album performances around the country, and at the Pink Floyd show the group promoted that they would be performing Led Zeppelin IV in Nampa, November 1 of 2020, and offered tickets…which I dove into without hesitation! Just the other day, word came that the show has now been postponed into late 2021…and I am SO BUMMED! But through the magic of modern technology…I bring you Black Jacket Symphony doing “Black Dog”, enjoy…as will I. ~ Ron O’