Rare Ac/Dc concert footage!

This Saturday (July 25) marks the 40th anniversary of the “Back In Black” album from Ac/Dc…the first album with Brian Johnson on lead vocals, following the death of Bon Scott. The bands official website, has been updated FOR THE FIRST TIME since the death of Malcolm Young! It is showing new merchandise for the celebration of the “Back In Black” Lp 40th Anniversary. Below you can watch the rare live video from a Tokyo show in 1981 of “What Do You Do for Money Honey” as the band has uploaded this to their official Youtube channel…as well as “You Shook Me All Night Long”. With the band offering up new merchandise via their website…but NO new word on a new album etc., some Ac/Dc fans have expressed their dis-pleasure with the band. But hey, maybe the guys need to make some money off of merchandise to finance a tour!?  HAH, yah right! But perhaps this is all yet another big “tease” in getting closer to some new music and a tour for the guys…once we get out of the whole COVID-19 crap! ~ Ron O’