Do a kickflip!

One regret I do have is I wish I had gotten more into skateboarding.  It’s like having long hair, in your 40’s is not the best time to start.  My neighbor built a halfpipe in his driveway and my son just got his 1st skateboard.


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In high school woodshop I built a quarter pipe but never skated a half pipe. I knew some older kids that had a massive one near me and after churck I’d ask my parents to drive buy it, knowing there’s no way they’d be awake and skating that early on a Sunday.  I was wrong, there they were and my parents came to a full stop in the street…I was mortified.  They were these kids that knew about pot and smoked cigarettes and there I was coming home from church with my parents. Oh my God I wished I was 3 inches tall that day.  They waved and said, “Hey Forrest!”.  Even worse, they knew who I was.  I was too young, too square, and too bad of a skater to even hang out with them.  I had cheap boards from Sears and pads my parents made me wear, I still loved it though.  The complexity of tricks, the imagery, the stars, the video tape compliations, the gear. I never got good and it slowly faded away but it’s still cool to me.

This week walking around the neighborhood some kids were on a halfpipe they built in there driveway.  A chunky kid with his shirt off was skating it hard, and he was good. The self confidence he had while my young son stared made me smile. Maybe I should buy a board and teach my son to skate.  Why not?  I don’t have to be good, I just have to have fun. – Forrest