Doobies In Isolation

Chris, the Program Director for our country station KISSIN 92.3 sent me an email this morning.  I thought that was a little strange, I thought I might have done something wrong, why would another stations PD email me?!  Turns out it was for a good reason:  A link to a Rolling Stone article with The Doobie Brothers, and an In Isolation performance of Black Water.  It’s cool that we are in a place with technology that this is possible…..4 guys, their instruments, and others spliced in (you’ll see what I mean), and a song comes out.  It’s also kind of fun to look at their setup’s, home studios or wherever they choose to record. their part.  It will be nice to see them live in September, but for now, The Doobie Brothers and Black Water….in isolation….



The Beatles Guitar Collection

The Beatles Guitar Collection

Not the actual guitars they owned and played but all the models The Beatles they played through the years.  – Forrest