There is great music being made

I am a big fan of Crosby Stills and Nash, and of course the Young version as well.  I came across an article in Rolling Stone with David Crosby, and I have also been a fan of his, I’ve got two of his solo albums.  It’s an interesting read, as any conversation with Croz is interesting, (you can read it here), but my big takeaway was the video he referenced in the article.  Here is the direct quote:  “I’ll tell you what I’ve been listening to this morning, man. Somebody in Italy got hundreds of people to sing “Helplessly Hoping,” and aggregated them together. It’s so emotional. Look it up on the net, man. I actually teared up. That’s what I’ve been listening to this morning…”  .  So naturally I watched and it is brilliant.  It’s one of my favorite CSN songs anyway, and this version does it more than justice.  If he likes it…..





The Beatles Guitar Collection

The Beatles Guitar Collection

Not the actual guitars they owned and played but all the models The Beatles they played through the years.  – Forrest