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Damn fox took 2 of my chickens!


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Decided to get some chicks to fill out my flock.


Got 2 Wyandotte’s & 2 Amber White’s.

I had 2 Ameraucana’s which were my favorite but the fox got those.  Now I just have 1 Rhode Island Red and 2 Barred Rock’s.

Since my chickens free range and get a ton of table scraps they prouced eggs all winter.  I hate seeing chickens in small penned in coop’s.  I even worked on a chicken farm once in a whle when I was a teenager.  You can just tell they’re happier with room to roam.  I am putting in a rather large garden so this fence is going up to just keep them out. $20 in pallets.

I also planted 2 peach trees and an apple tree this week which they are going to love this fall. – Forrest