I don’t say this a lot…

See Forrest’s blog.  He’s right, I think we are going to see a lot of great music come out of this whole social distancing and isolation.  There have been some rock stars diagnosed with Covid-19, and a number of groups/artists parodying their own songs regarding Covid-19.  So when I say that The Knack had done it, I was almost disappointed,  this is, until I watched the video.  Not only can Bert Averre still play, but he made me laugh out loud at one point.  You will figure it out…don’t want to spoil it.  Hope you find it as good as i did!  Oh, and yes, it IS called Bye, Corona. what else would it be called?





The Beatles Guitar Collection

The Beatles Guitar Collection

Not the actual guitars they owned and played but all the models The Beatles they played through the years.  – Forrest