Now THAT was my kind of a “symphony”!

When I first heard about The Black Jacket Symphony doing Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of The Moon”, I thought uuhhh, I’m not much into “symphony” stuff…and would there be any vocals? I mean Pink Floyd’s music is of course amazing, but without the lyrical content, that just wouldn’t work! WELL was I (and I’m sure many others) totally BLOWN AWAY last night at the Egyptian Theatre! It wasn’t anything like what most consider a symphony, but rather just 7 incredible musicians who performed “Dark Side of The Moon” note to note, beginning to end, and SPOT ON! And if that wasn’t enough to amaze, after intermission, they finished the night with a collection of other Pink Floyd standards, the likes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here, Another Brick In the Wall Part II, Have a Cigar…and the two video’s below (partial), Comfortably Numb, and Run Like Hell. The group of hand-picked musicians changes based upon the album being performed—and no sonic detail is overlooked, with the musicians doing whatever it takes to reproduce the album. I’ve already pre-purchased tickets for their return in November when they’ll perform Led Zeppelin IV (and other’s to fill out the show), and can’t wait! Last night was purely a full night of rock and roll magic! ~ Ron