Pretty crazy video of UFO…

So the guy narrating this actual video taken from the International Space Station seems thoroughly convinced that the object seen in the video is truly a UFO…as opposed to some kind of “secret” military aircraft. Here’s my two cents worth:  The astronauts NEVER mention this thing…basically ignoring it’s there, so could that mean it was some top secret craft? But if that were the case wouldn’t they make sure the camera moved away from the viewing (the actual video of the “UFO” lasts a whopping 22 minutes!). And, the camera’s on the space station are capable of zooming in like mad…but no full zoom on this object. Again, is that just because they knew it was some military aircraft…but then again, why did the camera stay on it. My conclusion…indeed a military jet of some sort…granted, it could be something new, of a secret nature to some degree…but I don’t buy the UFO thought on this one anyway. Judge for yourself with the full video below. ~ Ron O’