Hetfield out of rehab

I’m a big Metallica fan, I can remember the first time I heard “One”.  It warped my brain.  It was so dark, so heavy, so venemous.  “Can you do that in music?” I questioned.  Up until that point I had only listened to The Beach Boys and my parents bought me a Bon Jovi cassette once for Christmas.  No idea why, I hate Bon Jovi.  But that was it, I had fallen into a hole known as Hard Rock or Metal.  Onto Black Sabbath, Faith No More, Megadeth, and AC/DC but it all started with that one song.  They’ve had a few albums along the way I didn’t enjoy (St. Anger & Lulu I’m looking in your direction) but I think the last few albums have re-cemented their strength.

I was even lucky enough to interview them on the Death Magnetic Tour in 2008.

Lead singer James Hetfield checked into rehab in 2002 and again in September for 2019.  He was spotted last night for the 1st time since entering rehab at a car show, Hetfield has an impressive collection of cars. – Forrest




Eric Bloom

Eric Bloom

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